Chapter: 1947

Josh went to the bathroom and came out, and saw a sexy lady standing beside Quan Yi, trying to chat with him, and wanted Quan Yi's contact information.

Josh raised his eyebrows slightly, walked towards Quan Yi with a dignified pace, walked to Quan Yi's side, held his arm, and smiled at Quan Yi, "Honey."

Quan Yi hugged her waist, and said to the girl who had been flirting all this time, "I have a girlfriend, please leave!"

The celebrity's gaze suddenly became a little embarrassed, "Excuse me."

Quan Yi lowered his head and kissed, "Don't be jealous, I only have you in my heart."

Josh shook his head, "Okay, I'm not jealous."

Quan Yi is just too popular.

On the third day of the giant ship's voyage, today's sea is very calm, and the sunset is very beautiful. Quan Yi has not returned for half an hour, and Josh stands in front of the railing, holding a camera to take pictures of the beauty of the setting sun.

At this moment, the doorbell of her room rang, and Josh was startled, who was it?

She opened the door and saw four dress shop ladies in uniform.

"Excuse me, is this Miss Josh? We received a call from a customer and are here to serve you."

Josh blinked, “Serve me what?”

"We picked out a beautiful evening dress for you, and put on makeup for you to attend the masked ball tonight."

Josh thought about it, Quan Yi must have arranged this, she nodded, "Okay!"

The four waiters dressed up Josh and put on a beautiful blue evening dress. She was like a mermaid in the ocean, noble and mysterious.

Josh looked at himself in the mirror, and was very satisfied with the makeup and hairstyle, like a princess.

"Miss Qiao, I wish you a pleasant evening." The four waiters left.

Soon, Josh got a call from Quan Yi.

"Hello! Where are you?" Josh had already begun to miss him.

"Open the door, come from the corridor, and come all the way to side A. I'll wait for you here."

Josh responded, "Okay, then I'm here."

Josh went out in an evening dress, she couldn't help but feel like a princess on the run, everything around her was so beautiful.

She usually sees many people on the deck, but why does she feel that there is no one on this deck today? When she stepped out of the corridor, Josh was stunned.

Because this deck was decorated as a large-scale proposal scene today, and there was a live band playing romantic songs beside it, and Quan Yi stood there in a blue suit, looking at her with affectionate eyes and a smile.

"Josh, come here." He called out in a low voice.

Josh walked towards him. Did he arrange the proposal scene during the time he disappeared? Looking at the heart-shaped roses, the white gauze fluttering, and a romantic wine table next to it, Josh held his chest and was moved to tears.

Josh walked up to Quan Yi's side, and was embraced by him tenderly. When Josh was let go, Quan Yi knelt down on one knee in front of her, held her hand, and asked, "Josh Hi, will you marry me?"