Chapter: 2108

After Xi Yuchen came out, he reported it to his parents. At this time, Xi Jiuchen had checked the situation of Qi Lang's three generations, and it turned out that his family background was innocent.

After Xi Tian and Qi Lang had a meal, they went on a date at a nearby cafe.

Qi Lang was sitting on the sofa, and Xi Tian took the initiative to sit next to him, which made him smile happily. When Xi Tian came closer, his nervous palms were sweating, and then Xi Tian said to him , "Let's take some selfies! You can put your arm on my shoulder."

Qi Lang immediately put his arm on her shoulder, and the two of them leaned together to take pictures, as sweet as a dating couple. It was really a combination of handsome men and beautiful women.

After Xi Tian took the photo, she said to Qi Lang, "Let's meet regularly in the future!"

"Okay!" Qi Lang was also very happy.

Qi Lang wanted to take her home, but Xi Tian refused. She drove here by herself. She did not let her bodyguard follow her this time. Her car quickly drove to Shen Shaoqing's villa.

On the way, she printed out a few photos. In the photos, she and Qi Lang looked like a perfect match.

She sat on the sofa, placed three photos on the table, and continued to write a note.

"Shen Shaoqing, do you think my blind date is handsome? He likes me very much, but I like you very much. If you don't show up again, I will marry him and forget about you."

After Xi Tian finished writing, she added, "You don't need to appear in front of me or send me flowers. You just need to send me a number of 520 at any time within three days. I will Just know you’re alive.”

After Xi Tian finished writing, she was reluctant to leave. It was early anyway and she was a little sleepy, so she lay on the sofa and took a nap.

At the base, Shen Shaoqing, who had just returned to the ward after lunch, couldn't help but look at the computer next to him. He sighed slightly. His usual self-discipline and self-control were nothing in front of Xi Tian. .

As long as he thinks about her, his thoughts will become a mess.

Shen Shaoqing took the computer, continued to enter Skynet, and began to check Xi Tian's news. She had not posted in her circle of friends for a long time. However, what appeared in front of him at this moment was Xi Tian's latest news.

There was a photo of her and a young man, and the two were smiling sweetly. Almost half of Xi Tian's body was leaning on the other's arms, and the man was still holding her shoulders.

Shen Shaoqing's breath suddenly suffocated. This girl really had to find her right away.

I saw Xi Tian added a line of text, "When you meet someone you like, just hold on to it."

Shen Shaoqing's face tensed up instantly, and he breathed out slightly. He stayed in these photos for a while and couldn't get out of his mind.

Then he thought of something, exited Xi Tian's circle of friends, and entered his villa.

However, the scene that caught his eye made his heart feel extremely soft in an instant, because Xi Tian was sleeping on the sofa at his home, curled up, and she didn't know how long she had been asleep.

Shen Shaoqing involuntarily reached out and approached the computer screen, as if he wanted to touch her.

Xi Tian's body was curled up and her arms were folded as if it was cold. It was already early winter, but she had nothing covered.

This girl still hadn't learned to take care of herself, and Shen Shaoqing felt distressed in her heart. Then, he saw the photos placed on the table and the words she wrote.

He immediately took a closer look. After reading it, his heart ached with pain. It turned out that the man in the photo was just someone she made out of anger, and she still liked him.