Chapter: 2124

As soon as Xi Tian hung up the phone, Shen Shaoqing held her hand and said firmly, "I'll accompany you home."

Xi Tian reached out and held his arm, "No, not tonight. I'll invite you to my house for dinner tomorrow."

Just let her be the one to bear the responsibility for being scolded and punished. Originally, this matter was caused by her nonsense.

"I'm not afraid." Shen Shaoqing said in a low voice.

Xi Tian blinked, "I know, but give me one night and we'll see you tomorrow."

Xi Tian was also reluctant to leave him! She had no choice but to go home and explain. At the same time, she also wanted to show her determination to her family that she would only marry one person in her life.

After Xi Tian finished speaking, she put her feet up and kissed the side of his face, "Wait for me! Don't hide from me anymore."

After saying that, Xi Tian picked up her bag and wanted to leave. Then she found the flowers on the sofa. She didn't forget to hold them in her arms and waved to the man, "I'm leaving first."

After Xi Tian came out, she got into the bodyguard's car and hurried towards home, but she didn't notice that a green SUV was following behind her.

At this moment, the Xi family is also anxiously waiting for Xi Tian to come back and wants to hear her explanation, because the Qi family has not expressed its position or explained the reason for the matter, and Qi Lang has not reported it either.

Therefore, their daughter must speak about this matter. Why was the nice in-laws meeting cancelled?

"Dad, Mom, don't worry, my sister is on her way."

"How was her mood on the phone just now?" Xi Jiuchen asked. .

"Besides being anxious, I have no other emotions." Xi Yuchen replied. His sister had been thinking about the same thing every day in the past few days, and he was a little dizzy. He didn't know what tricks his little sister was playing.

"Dad, Mom, please listen to Tiantian's explanation! There must be a reason." Wen Yue persuaded.

Tang Zhixia nodded, just waiting for her daughter to come back and explain the situation.

Twenty minutes later, the bodyguard's car stopped outside the door of the hall. Xi Tian got out of the car and saw her family members as soon as she entered the hall.

She walked up to her parents with a guilty conscience. She lowered her head and said, "Mom, Dad, scold me! I lied to you about the engagement. I didn't really want to get engaged to Qi Lang, we were acting. .”

Tang Zhixia and Xi Jiuchen were stunned after hearing this. For such a big thing, their daughter actually said she was acting?

"Tell me why you want to act?" Xi Jiuchen's eyes were slightly reproachful, but he was not angry.

"It's because... I think..." Before Xi Tian could finish her words, she heard a figure stepping outside the hall. His appearance shocked everyone in the Xi family.

"Shao Qing!" Xi Yuchen greeted him in surprise. Seeing this man who almost sacrificed his life for his sister, he really fell in love with her.

Tang Zhixia and her husband looked at each other, why did Shen Shaoqing suddenly appear here?

"Please don't blame her, it's all my fault." Shen Shaoqing looked at the Xi family and took the blame on himself.

When Xi Tian saw it, she immediately became anxious, "Mom, Dad, please don't blame him. It has nothing to do with him. It's all my fault. I did this to force him to show up."