Chapter: 2126

Xi Jiuchen turned back to Shen Shaoqing and said, "Shaoqing, do you want to think about it again? This girl of mine loves to cause trouble."

Shen Shaoqing couldn't help but smile and replied, "Just right, I am a person who specializes in troubleshooting."

When Xi Tian heard this, she was stunned for a few seconds, then her eyes widened happily and she looked at her father, "Dad, do you agree that we can be together?"

How could Xi Jiuchen disagree? He could do something as big as a fake engagement, and if he didn't agree to it, his daughter would be in trouble.

"Tiantian, Shaoqing hasn't eaten yet, take him to a restaurant outside for a meal!" Xi Jiuchen said to his daughter.

It also gave them a chance to meet in private. Xi Tian happily took Shen Shaoqing's hand and said, "Let's go! I'll take you to eat something delicious."

Shen Shaoqing said to Xi Jiuchen, "Uncle and aunt, let's go first."

Tang Zhixia looked at their backs and asked her husband, "How was the discussion?"

"Shaoqing decided to retire for Tiantian. From now on, he will no longer have to take dangerous actions. I believe he will give Tiantian a happy life."

Tang Zhixia also believed in her daughter's vision. Shen Shaoqing was a person who was willing to give her life. They were all relieved to leave their daughter to him.

At this moment, Xi Tian, ​​who was sitting in Shen Shaoqing's car, finally breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to look at the man beside her and begged, "Promise me that no matter what happens in the future, you will never disappear from my side. Just leave me alone, okay?"

Shen Shaoqing's eyes fell deeply on her face, "Okay!"

Xi Tian thought of a very private restaurant. She gave the address to Shen Shaoqing, and the two of them went in the direction of the restaurant.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the two chose a quiet private room. After ordering, the entire private room seemed particularly warm and comfortable.

Shen Shaoqing was pulled to the sofa by Xi Tian. She reached out and touched the man's ear. Shen Shaoqing knew that she felt sorry for him. He reached out and held her hand, his eyes falling gently on her face, "It's okay. don’t worry."

Xi Tian leaned into his arms and pressed against his chest, feeling extremely at ease.

Apart from her father and eldest brother, he was the man who made her feel the most secure. It seemed that standing by his side gave her the courage to be the enemy of the whole world.

Shen Shaoqing rubbed her head, kissed her hair with his thin lips, and breathed in the faint fragrance of her body. Thinking of the situation of rescuing her that day, he still felt scared. Whenever he thought about it, his whole body tensed up. A chill on my back.

If he hadn't subdued Gu Chao in the end, the powerful explosive would have exploded next to her.

After he woke up, he had this nightmare for several nights in a row. He was so frightened that he woke up covered in sweat. Even when he woke up, he couldn't get rid of the fear in his body.

Shen Shaoqing stretched out his arms and hugged her tightly, and rubbed Xi Tian into his chest. Xi Tian was temporarily out of breath from his hug, but she felt the strong love of this man. , she didn’t struggle, just let him hug her hard!

Shen Shaoqing soon realized that his arm strength was too strong and he held her too tightly, so he let her go again. When Xi Tian raised her head, she met a pair of eyes as deep as the night sky, full of affection, like a flower full of love. The sea of ​​love makes people want to drown in it.

Moreover, his eyes were no longer restrained and suppressed, but hot and frank, as clear as lake water, clearly showing his heart to her.

Xi Tian was very happy in her heart. Finally, this man completely belonged to her.

No more worries about him leaving.