Chapter: 2130

Because deep down in his heart, he couldn't bear to be separated from her.

Xi Tian entered the master bedroom, washed her hair and took a shower. After staying for nearly half an hour, Xi Tian sat on the bed in a bathrobe and began to think about how to get that serious man to allow her to climb into bed.

Xi Tian looked at the time and wanted to make sure whether the man had finished taking a shower.

Xi Tian waited for a while, then she took a deep breath, stood up, opened the door and walked out of the hall.

The door to the guest bedroom is closed. What? Is this man guarding against her?

Xi Tian suddenly felt a sense of conquest. She walked towards the second bedroom. She knocked on the door first, but there was no movement inside. Xi Tian thought to herself, is this man still taking a shower?

Xi Tian suddenly had a bad idea, that is, to take a peek at this man's figure.

Because the bathroom in the hotel is made of translucent frosted glass, it is a very interesting design for couples.

Xi Tian opened the door and heard the sound of water. She couldn't help but laugh, and then sat on the bed in the guest bedroom. From her angle, she could see the floor-to-ceiling glass.

A tall figure could be vaguely seen taking a bath inside. Even if it was just a blurry silhouette of his upper body, it could be seen that there was not a single piece of extra flesh on this man's body, but all tight and strong lines.

Xi Tian covered her face in shame, feeling embarrassed to look at it for a while, and enjoying it for a while.

Just then, she heard a pull, and the man inside was about to come out.

Xi Tian panicked immediately and hurriedly hid on the other side of the bed.

Shen Shaoqing only had a bath towel around his waist and was wiping the water from his hair with the towel. The water droplets in his hair fell from his handsome face, like a pen describing this man's perfect figure. Finally, It sank into the sexy waist and abdomen, and was sucked away by the towel.

When Shen Shaoqing heard a slight noise, he immediately looked towards the bed and saw a head buried there.

Shen Shaoqing couldn't help but pursed his thin lips, feeling the urge to burst into laughter at any time.

This girl actually came to his room, and she didn't even know how to hide.

"Come out!" He said in a low voice.

Xi Tian immediately raised her head and said in surprise, "How did you know I'm here?"

Shen Shaoqing looked at her wearing a white bathrobe and her waist-length hair, which was fluffy and hanging down naturally. This made her face look more supple and pure. She seemed to have lost a few years at her age. , getting smaller and smaller.

"Go back to the room!" Shen Shaoqing's voice couldn't help but become darker. He was even more reluctant to touch this girl when she appeared in front of him like this.

Xi Tian said stubbornly, "If I don't go back, I will sleep here with you. You can't drive me away."

After saying that, she sat down on his bed to show that she wouldn't leave.

Shen Shaoqing sighed, "Be obedient."

Xi Tian glanced at the man's figure with her big eyes, and then her face turned red as she looked at it. She didn't know if he had just taken a shower or something. Under the light, this man's naked upper body was covered with a layer of fine There were water drops, blood vessels bulged, and a strong smell of male hormones hit his face.