Chapter: 2132

Shen Shaoqing wanted to kiss her, but he was worried about disturbing her sleep. He could see that she had lost some weight, and he felt sorry for her.

Shen Shaoqing lifted the quilt from the other end and got on the bed. He reached out and took the sleeping girl into his arms. Xi Tian was also having a sweet dream at the moment! In the dream, she and Shen Shaoqing had entered the marriage hall and were accepting the blessings and blessings of all the guests.

And suddenly she snuggled into a warm embrace, and the corners of Xi Tian's mouth couldn't help but curve up.

Shen Shaoqing lowered his head just in time to see it. He couldn't help it anymore and leaned down to put his thin lips on her red lips, stealing a gentle kiss.

Tonight, Xi Tian fell asleep and felt sorry for a certain man. E

The beauty was in his arms, but he couldn't do anything. He even breathed quietly for fear of disturbing the beauty in his arms.

Shen Shaoqing remained insomniac until two o'clock in the morning. Even at this time, his whole body was still unbearably hot. Obviously, he was forced to stay up until dawn.

Xi Tian had a good sleep and had a sweet dream. When she opened her eyes, it was already the sunny morning of the next day.

When she raised her head, she saw a pair of bloodshot eyes looking at her. Xi Tian blinked, "You... aren't you asleep?"

"Sleep!" the man said hoarsely.

"Your eyes are so red!" Xi Tian said distressedly, and then she was about to get up, but at this moment, the man suddenly hugged her and pressed her into his arms, "Stay with me for a while longer."

After saying that, the man buried his face in her shoulder, closed his eyes and slept.

Xi Tian immediately stopped and just looked at him sideways. Shen Shaoqing closed his eyes, with thick long eyelashes covering his eyelids, a proud nose, thin lips pursed sexyly, and a smooth and perfect jaw line.

Xi Tian's feet suddenly felt a little sore. She stretched her feet, and then she couldn't help but bump into something.

In an instant, her pretty face turned red, even her ears turned red.

Shen Shaoqing didn't open his eyes, but he warned her in a mute voice, "Don't move."

Xi Tian is so innocent! She didn't mean it.

Therefore, Xi Tian did not dare to move. After waiting for a while, she finally found that the man beside her was breathing evenly and he fell asleep.

Only then did Xi Tian suddenly think of something. Did this man stay up all night?

Although she has never had sex with men, she doesn't understand anything. Moreover, she still understands the reaction between men and women.

So, she occupied his bed last night, but caused him to lose sleep all night.

Why! Sin!

But an inexplicable expectation still welled up in her heart.

Xi Tian was not in a hurry to get up, so she let the man hold her and sleep. However, the man did not hold her down.

His breath spread on her neck, causing her skin to tremble slightly. Xi Tian just wanted to turn over and change her position, but suddenly, the man came close to her again.

This time, they were so close that almost all kinds of feelings appeared. Xi Tian's beautiful eyes widened slightly, and this man even fell asleep...

This...wouldn't this be inconsistent with the principle?

Xi Tian swallowed, this feeling was so terrible!

Now she didn't dare to move anymore. This must be the reason why this man didn't want to sleep with her! Because it tortured him too much.

Xi Tian's mind was now filled with random thoughts. As she thought about it, she started to sweat slightly because it was not suitable for children.

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