Chapter: 682

After sending Shen Jianing away, Shen Yuan really felt relaxed. Now there was nothing else waiting for him. The only thing he needed to do again was to get Su Meng back to his side.

It's just that this matter is definitely not anxious, and Su Meng will definitely not agree so soon. Shen Yuan was also prepared.

Early this morning, Shen Yu'an got up very early. First, he asked people to prepare the old hen, and then he added some herbs and fresh lotus root to make a bowl of chicken soup.

Packed in insulated food boxes, Shen Yu'an took the chicken soup and went out first. This time, the destination was clear, which was the Xia family.

I ordered roses at the flower shop early in the morning, and Shen Yuan stopped by to get them.

When they arrived at the Xia's house, the servant saw that Shen Yu'an had not opened the door, but went to find Su Meng first.

Su Meng seldom went out during this time, and was watering the flowers on the balcony at this time. When the next person said, Su Meng also happened to see Shen Yu'an.

The man is tall and tall, standing in the sun like this, looking only at his side, handsome and handsome. She still holds a large bouquet of roses in her arms, and to be honest, it is not touching, indeed very few.

Su Meng took a deep breath and said softly: "Just tell me that I'm missing, let him go back."

The servant nodded, and soon went back to Shen Yu'an.

Shen Yuan had expected this result a long time ago, and was not disappointed, but gave the flower and the food box in his hand to the servant.

"Then please help me give her flowers and soup. There is chicken soup in it. Let her drink as much as possible." Shen Yu'an said.

The servant hesitated, but still took the flower and food box.

Shen Yuan smiled, got in the car this time, left Xia's house and went to the company.

Su Meng looked at the big handful of roses in the room, feeling a little uncomfortable.

The chicken soup stewed terribly, even the bones were delicious.

Su Meng just smelled it and knew that it was Shen Yu'an who made the stew by herself.

The man likes to add angelica to the stew, so it has a strong smell of angelica.

Su Meng didn't like this taste very much before, and it wouldn't work if he didn't drink it. Shen Yu'an would always talk about it.

It's been so long now, how long has it been since she had tasted chicken soup like this?

Su Meng lowered her gaze, and did not refuse to let him go. She picked up the food box and drank the soup to the bottom.

After a long time without drinking, I still miss the taste a little.

Su Meng comforted herself in this way. She was a pregnant woman and her gluttony was normal.

That night, Shen Yuan sent a message to Su Meng, and Su Meng had no reply after the soup was drunk.

Not discouraged over there, she soon asked Su Meng if she would be interested in going to the movies tomorrow.

Su Meng didn't even look at the phone, but just looked at her belly.

With such a big belly, I am tired of walking, sitting and wanting to lie down, lying down and wanting to sleep, what movie to watch?

It's just that Su Meng didn't tell Shen Yu'an, she didn't reply to man information, so she fell asleep like this.

Early the next morning, Shen Yuan came again.

This time I brought the soup, but replaced it with trotters.

Soybeans and pig's feet that are rotten after a single poke are stewed, and the soup is white and familiar.

Tang Sumeng still drank it, but she refused to watch the movie.

This time, Su Meng let Shen Yu'an come in and sit for a while, but for a while, when she finished drinking the soup, she returned the two food boxes to Shen Yu'an and told the man not to come the next day.

By the next day, Shen Yuan really didn't come.

Su Meng woke up in the morning and felt something was wrong, and Shen Yu'an went downstairs very early two days ago.

It was ten o'clock today, but there were still no people in sight.

Shen Yu'an is going to work. He will only come sooner or later every day. Why is there no one coming now?

Although Su Meng didn't want to admit it, she was indeed worried. It should be said that it is not only worried, but also a little tempted.

The matter of Liu Liyun has been settled bluntly. Although the child was born to Shen Yuan, the child was born in a test tube. In addition, Shen Yu'an also lost his memory, and didn't understand the previous things, all of which was said by Liu Liyun.

This woman is like a lunatic, and there is no credibility in what she said.

Although this matter lay between the two, Shen Yu'an was not all at fault.

Su Meng admits that she has softened her heart, she still loves Shen Yu'an, and still cannot do without a man.

In just two days, she began to worry about Shen Yu'an again.

Thinking about it, if you don’t know what happened, or worry about it, Su Meng simply took out his mobile phone and wanted to call and ask Xiao Li.

The phone was connected, and Xiao Li's voice came over: "Hello, Sister Mengmeng?"

Su Meng coughed lightly, and asked a little embarrassedly: "That...Xiao Li, I'll ask you..."

"Sister Mengmeng is asking the boss?" Xiao Li quickly understood Su Meng's intention.

Su Meng replied, guessing it out, so as not to ask embarrassingly. Ask what happened to Shen Yu'an, so that you can feel at ease.

Who would think that Xiao Li's words would not relieve her at all, but he was more worried.

"The boss encountered something this morning. I'm in the hospital now. The address is..." Xiao Li finished speaking directly, and then hung up the phone first.

Su Meng's whole heart was raised, and Xiao Li didn't even say why Shen Yu'an was hospitalized.

Is it possible that something is seriously ill?

The more I thought about it, the more worried Su Meng was. Su Meng couldn't sit still anymore. After a brief cleaning, he asked the driver to take him to the hospital.

That hospital happened to be the one where Shen Yu'an was beaten to the head before, and Su Meng also knew the address.

The journey was not long, but Su Meng felt that it was very far away, and finally waited for the hospital. There were so many people in the hospital, and even the time to wait for the elevator was much longer than before.

Someone saw her as a pregnant woman and asked her to go first.

While thanking him, he went in. When he reached the floor, Su Meng almost ran to the ward.

"Shen Yuan!" Su Meng pushed open the door of the ward, and saw Shen Yuan lying quietly on the hospital bed, his face pale.

Su Meng suddenly became anxious, why is there not a caregiver here?

"Shen Yu'an?" Su Meng quaked again.

The person on the bed is still moving. ,

Su Meng's tears came out immediately, and she kept streaming.

Could it be that she is really what she thinks? Shen Yuan got a serious illness? The more I thought about Su Meng, the more sad it became, and the tears couldn't stop.

Who wanted the next second, the man sat up directly from the bed. Su Meng didn't recover, so she was hugged into her warm chest.

Shen Yuan hugged the person tightly in his arms like this, with a low voice, as if whispering in his ear: "Mengmeng, I remember."

Su Meng hadn't had time to break free from the shackles, and she heard these words when she pretended to be sick with Shen Yu'an. Su Meng's body trembled all of a sudden, and her tears were forgotten to flow.

What did she hear?

Shen Yuan recovered his memory?