Chapter: 686

When Shen Yuan arrived at the hospital, Su Meng had been pushed into the operating room.

Su Yankai and Xia Lianxiang stood outside the operating room. Xia Lianxiang was okay, but Su Yankai's eyes were a little red.

Shen Yuan looked at Su Yankai, originally an anxious heart, but suddenly calmed down at this moment for some reason.

"What's the matter?" Shen Yuan knelt down and rubbed Su Yankai's head.

Su Yankai's eyes were red, and he was stubbornly unable to speak.

Shen Yuan knew that he was worried about Su Meng, so she said: "Don't worry, Mengmeng is a mess, don't worry too much. Wait a while, she will give you a younger brother or younger sister, and you are going to be your brother. You can’t cry anymore."

Su Yankai buzzed: "I don't have a crying nose."

"Okay, no." Shen Yuan said.

"There is no tension either." Su Yankai said again.

Shen Yuan continued: "Yeah."

Su Yankai stopped talking and just looked at Shen Yu'an like this.

Shen Yuan squeezed her cold sweaty palms and smiled helplessly: "I am nervous."

Shen Yu'an was really nervous. From the moment he received Xia Lianxiang's call, he started to sweat, and even before he could speak to Shen's mother and Shen's father, he ran out of the house.

After I ran out of the villa, I realized that I didn't have a key, and I couldn't take a taxi at this late hour, so I went to drive by myself.

When I was driving, I was worried that I was driving too fast and something happened. I was nervous along the way and didn't dare to drive the car too fast.

Tensed all the way, when he got to the hospital, his legs felt a little weak.

Looking at the two people outside the operating room, one was a child and the other was a mother-in-law, Shen Yuan couldn't tell even if he was worried anymore. After all, he can't let other people worry with him.

But he still couldn't help being nervous, staring at the operating room tightly, not daring to move a bit.

In this way, after waiting for about half an hour, a loud cry sounded.

All three were taken aback, and soon there was a nurse's footsteps, and the door of the operating room was opened.

"Su Meng!"

"Yes!" Shen Yuan quickly responded, "Here."

The nurse smiled wearing a mask and said, "It's a daughter, congratulations!"

Xia Lianxiang approached the child in the nurse's arms, smiling and thanking: "Thank you!"

Shen Yuan followed along, glanced at the child in Xia Lianxiang's arms, and asked the nurse: "Hello, how about Su Meng?"

The nurse glanced at Shen Yu'an and laughed again: "Don't worry, pregnant women will be pushed out soon, so go back to the ward first."

Xia Lianxiang went home with the baby first, and Shen Yuan was standing in the operating room tremblingly, not at ease seeing Su Meng.

I don't know how long it took before Su Meng was finally pushed out. As soon as he came out, he saw two men guarding the door of the operating room.

One is Shen Yuan and the other is Su Yankai, a small man.

Su Meng was already very tired, and she no longer had the strength to do anything, but seeing this scene, she still couldn't help but wet her eyes.



The two greeted them and followed.

"Mengmeng, are you okay?" Shen Yuan was anxious.

Su Meng nodded weakly.

When he arrived in the ward, Su Meng had fallen asleep.

Shen Yuan looked at Su Meng's somewhat pale face, and felt even more distressed.

Xia Lianxiang came in with the baby in her arms. Looking at Shen Yuan's appearance, she couldn't hold back and said, "Okay, don't disturb the pregnant woman to sleep. You should also take a rest. We will take the baby in turn tonight."

Shen Yuan immediately responded and asked Su Yankai to rest on the small bed. When I went out, I called Mother Shen first.

Mother Shen stayed asleep after hearing the movement of Shen Yu'an going out in the middle of the night. After hearing Shen Yu'an saying that Su Meng was born, she stopped sleeping in the middle of the night and started to cook soup for Su Meng when she got up.

In the morning, when the sky just turned on, Shen's mother and Shen's father came to the hospital with supplements and soup.

Su Meng had recovered a lot after taking a rest all night, but Shen Yuan and Xia Lianxiang were asleep all night, and the red blood streaks in their eyes were clearly visible.

But even so, Shen Yuan couldn't sleep. Looking at the child in Xia Lianxiang's arms, the more he looked at the corners of his mouth, the arc became larger.

Su Yankai also leaned in and said, "Why is my sister crumpled?"

Shen Yuan didn't even think about it, and slapped Su Yankai's head directly with a slap: "Your sister is still open, she must be pretty after she opened it! Don't talk nonsense!"

Watching this scene, Su Meng couldn't hold back the corners of her mouth.

After staying in the hospital for three days, Xia Lianxiang and Shen Mu took turns cooking and sending them to the hospital.

And Shen Yuan was even more exaggerated, directly pushing all the work arrangements and staying with Su Meng all day long.

Although Su Yankai wanted to accompany Su Meng all day long, but the school did not agree, so he could only go to school with his schoolbag on his back.

Three days later, Su Meng was discharged from the hospital. Shen's mother and Shen Yuan naturally wanted to take the people home directly, but Su Meng was unwilling.

Shen Yu'an sighed and sent Su Meng back to Xia's house. He packed his clothes and moved to Xia's house.

The good name is to take care of the children and Su Meng.

Su Meng refused, and Xia Linxiang agreed.

Confinement requires a good sitting, and Shen Yuan can take good care of her when she is there.

Shen Yuan doesn't need to go to the company anymore, just leave it to Xiao Li, and use the computer to handle the important things at home.

I usually spend most of my time by Su Meng's side, and sometimes he will help hug the child.

Shen's father and Shen's mother also liked this granddaughter very much, and would bring a tonic to Xia's house every other time. Su Meng took a closer look and found that Er Bao wore clothes, thirty pieces a month, and each piece was not repeated.

Shen Yuan knew it, and said with a smile: "Is it right that I don't need to change the wash after peeing like this, just throw it away?"

In the end, Su Meng simply asked Shen Yu'an to hug her second treasure. Shen Yu'an was a novice dad who knew nothing. He didn't even dare to exert too much effort after taking over the child.

Su Mengzhe held back and laughed directly.

But I didn't wait for Su Meng to finish laughing, only to hear a patter of voices.

Shen Yuan's expression changed, Su Meng was stunned for two seconds, and his laughter grew louder.

Er Bao didn't even give his father any face, so he peeed directly on Shen Yu'an. It seemed that he was urinating and feeling uncomfortable. Er Bao's mouth slumped and he burst into tears.

Shen Yu'an really didn't know what to do this time, holding Er Bao stunned in the same place.

Su Meng looked at Shen Yuan's diapered brand-name suit, and laughed louder and louder, not forgetting to remind Shen Yuan: "You put her on the bed and change the diaper."

Shen Yuan froze for a moment, and soon thought of putting Erbao on the bed, but Erbao not only didn't cooperate, but the crying became louder and louder.

Shen Yu'an was so anxious that she was sweating.