Chapter: 688

Seeing the four people leaving, Shen's mother's original smile disappeared instantly: "You don't hurry up!"

Shen Yuan sighed, also a little helpless.

Mother Shen didn't know what to say. This incident was indeed Shen Yu'an's fault. Su Meng didn't even mention divorce now, which was already a big concession. Just thinking of her granddaughter and grandson, Mother Shen was still a little sad.

Shen Yuan naturally knew Shen's mother's thoughts and said softly: "If Mengmeng is happy to live there, let her sit there."

Mother Shen glared at her son, angry but didn't know what to say.

"Then you have to work harder, you have to hurry up." Mother Shen said.

"This is natural, don't worry." Shen Yuan said.

"I'm worried!" Mother Shen stared at Shen Yu'an, how long did she leave this time, she missed her granddaughter and grandson again.

Shen Yuan smiled: "There is nothing wrong, you can go to see it anytime you want."

"Humph!" Mother Shen snorted coldly, not paying attention to Shen Yu'an anymore.

Shen Yu'an sighed, there was nothing to say.

He naturally wanted Su Meng too, but after all, it was Su Meng's own decision, and he had no other way. The only thing he could do was to wait for Su Meng to untie his knot.

Being anxious is definitely anxious, but being anxious is not useful, so you still have to coax people slowly.

It just made Shen Yuan think that the Internet is now starting to spread rumors that he and Su Meng are suspected of being cold.

Compared with the large number of people eating melons before, the netizens are obviously not so idle this time.

More fans came out to refute the rumors in the first time.

"Shen Yu'an sent his son out. Is this a weakening of feelings?"

"The two have gone through so much, but their relationship will only get better and better. You are just a bunch of lemon spirits wishing to be bad, right?"

"Don't talk nonsense, although I am lemon essence, I also sincerely hope that Su Meng and Shen Yuan will be good! They have to keep sweetening!"

"Let me analyze it. It may be because too many things have happened before. No matter who it is, you can accept so many things that are relevant to you at once. No matter whether you can accept it or not, you will definitely not be able to accept it immediately. So what Su Meng needs now is definitely a buffer time."

"Yes, I also think that this is more likely."

"Another very important point is that even if Su Meng lives in her natal family now, Shen Yu'an still visits people every day. Isn't that a good relationship?"

"If you haven't been kicked out, it's already very good hahaha."

"Upstairs is the devil!"

Now Shen Yuan is very concerned about the Internet. He didn't care about it before, but he didn't care too much. Now that he understands the imagination of this group of people on the Internet, he will also go to himself and Su Meng's super talk when he has time. Look.

Compared with the comments outside, the atmosphere inside Chaohua is much more harmonious, and some fans even started to vote when Su Meng can return to Shen's house.

Looking at it this way, fans are more concerned about this matter than others.

When Shen Yuan saw it, he couldn't help but sighed. Not only the fans are concerned, but he is also very concerned.

The reason why he said that in front of Shen's mother before was completely because in front of Shen's mother, he didn't want Shen's mother to worry about it.

To put it bluntly, he also had no bottom in his heart, and he didn't know when Su Meng could forgive himself.

But the daily must-do to send soup for forgiveness still had to be done, and Shen Yuan got up early the next morning.

Now it is different from when Su Meng was pregnant before. The pregnant woman was given a separate soup, and then it was given to Erbao. It was not some novel things bought by Mother Shen, but toys.

If it weren't for Erbao now, he couldn't eat other things, otherwise Shen's mother would definitely not take the same food every day to make supplements.

Shen's mother had always wanted to experience the feeling of bringing her grandson, but she still didn't realize it, so she could only put all her passion on her granddaughter.

It is a pity that the granddaughter has not returned to her home, and Shen's mother is also very sorry.

Shen Yuan had already put a lot of clothes on the car, and Shen's mother felt that it was still not enough, so she simply stuffed some into the co-pilot.

"You take these first, and I'll buy some." Mother Shen said, "There was a brand of children's clothing that had a new product. I bought it for Erbao first, but it didn't arrive. The brand owner said it will take time to transfer it back from abroad. You will send the clothes to Erbao when they come back."

Shen Yuan looked helpless when the co-pilot was full of clothes. I can only nod my head.

In fact, such a small child needs so many clothes, but Shen's mother wants to buy him, so she won't stop.

Anyway, Erbao sometimes urinates on the body several times, or more clothes.

After all, she is also her own little girl, so it's better to be beautiful.

When they first arrived at Xia's house, Su Meng and the others almost just got up.

As soon as Shen Yuan came in, he saw Su Meng rubbing his eyes. He was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "What's the matter?"

Su Meng glanced at him and yawned: "Er Bao coaxed him for a long time last night, and I was a little sleepy."

Erbao seldom coaxed before, and I don't know what happened last night.

"Is it because too many people at the banquet yesterday were frightened?" Shen Yu'an asked.

Su Meng thought for a while, it might really be like this.

"It's nothing, I'll hold the baby, you go and rest for a while." Shen Yuan said, taking the second treasure from Su Meng's arms.

Er Bao didn't sleep well at night, and now he sleeps soundly with his eyes closed.

Su Meng nodded, and was not polite with Shen Yu'an. She gave the child to Shen Yu'an and went in to make up for sleep.

The soup brought over was taken by the aunt to the kitchen, ready to be simmered over a small fire. Later, Su Meng can eat it directly when she wakes up.

Xia Lian Xiangyan also came out for a while, and she greeted Shen Yu'an and left first.

Su Yankai also went to school, and went out with the driver after breakfast.

All of a sudden, only Shen Yu'an was left holding Erbao. As long as Erbao was not hungry, he would not wake up, so he was also relieved.

Su Meng fell asleep until about eleven, and came out to see that Shen Yuan was teasing Erbao.

The little girl was vomiting bubbles and didn't cry when she woke up, but because Shen Yuan teased her again and "chuckled" with a smile.

Seeing this scene, Su Mengzhe held back her footsteps, and suddenly felt that this scene was exceptionally beautiful.

Shen Yuan heard the movement and raised his eyes to Su Meng: "Awake?"

Su Meng nodded.

When it was time for dinner, the two sat down at the dining table, and Er Bao put it on the bed next to her and looked at her aunt.

Shen Yuan thought for a while, but still couldn't resist taking out his mobile phone, handing it to Su Meng and whispering, "Did you read the online information?"

Su Meng took the phone and looked at the comment that Shen Yu'an took the screenshot, but she didn't speak for a while.

Shen Yuan said softly: "You see netizens say that we have a good relationship. When will you come home with me? Our bed misses you."

Su Meng returned the phone and said softly: "I don't want to bed yet."