Chapter: 690

Su Yankai was so scared that he stiffened and his face paled. Seeing the car getting closer, he heard a loud "bang" noise.

A car drove from the side and crashed like this.

The car's original advancement was blocked, and it just hit a tree aside.

The car was familiar. Su Yankai saw that it was Shen Yu'an's car.

Still waiting for Su Yankai to stand up, she saw Shen Yu'an opening the car door with blood on her head.

Su Yankai's heart trembled for a moment, and the next second he was directly embraced by Shen Yu'an.

The warm blood fell from his forehead and hit Su Yankai's body. It was a little hot, but it was warm. Su Yankai's brain was a little confused.

"It's nothing! Kaikai, I'm here, it's nothing." Shen Yuan hugged Su Yankai while comforting others, and hugged Su Yankai in a hurry, "We are going to the hospital now. All right."

Shen Yuan even forgot that his car had been in a car accident, and it was best to put it here and wait for the traffic police to deal with it.

But Su Yankai's injury had made Shen Yuan forget to calm down. He sat in the co-pilot holding Su Yankai, stepped on the accelerator, and drove straight to the hospital.

Su Yankai also forgot what to say, but stared blankly at the blood on his body, not only on his hands, but also on his head.

Is he hurt?

A big doubt arose in Su Yankai's heart, but why didn't he feel pain at all?

The scene that just happened was so thrilling, Su Yankai could still hear his rapid heartbeat now.

"It's okay, Kaikai, don't be afraid. It's just a minor injury. We will go to the hospital right away." Shen Yuan ignored the red light, and stepped on the accelerator all the way to the hospital.

He had forgotten how many red lights were running on the road, his brain was dizzy, and his eyes were a little swollen.

Shen Yuan's throat was bitter, and he didn't even know how he would tell Su Meng about this. Kaikai was injured, and Su Meng would definitely be scared to death!

It must not be said that I fell while skateboarding, otherwise I won't be able to play again.

While going to the hospital, Shen Yuan didn't forget to think about what would happen when Su Meng knew about it.

The car stopped in the emergency department of the hospital, Shen Yuan was covered in blood, and he rushed in with Su Yankai, who was also covered in blood.


"Ah-what's the matter with you? Come here now!" Shen Yu'an still didn't say anything. They scared the doctor like this, and the doctor quickly interrupted him.

Shen Yuan hugged Su Yankai and wanted to give the child to him: "Child, help me see my child, he is injured!"

The doctor took the child from Shen Yuan's arms, and after a turbulent examination, there was no trace of scars on Su Yankai's body at all.

A trace of doubt flashed under his eyes, and when he looked at Shen Yu'an next to him, the blood on his head seemed to be unable to stop.

The doctor suddenly realized that, he quickly let go of Su Yankai, looked at Shen Yu'an and said: "Your child is not injured. Now you are injured. You should go for an examination with me now."

Shen Yu'an raised his head blankly, until then did the dizziness strike, and his legs were a little weak.

"Mr. Trouble goes with us for a simple examination." The doctor said.

Su Yankai also came over at this time, and his eyes were red for a while.

Before that, he always thought he was injured, but he didn't know until now that it was not himself that was injured. No matter the warm blood on the body, all of them belonged to Shen Yu'an.

There was indeed an injury on his body, but it was only an abrasion on his foot from skateboarding, which was not serious at all.

The doctor even applied a little iodophor to him and disinfected it.

Looking at Shen Yu'an again, the blood on his head still hasn't stopped.

Su Yankai's eyes were so red that he understood now that Shen Yuan was injured just to save herself.

Had it not been for his naughty trip to skateboard and fall, Shen Yuan would not have been injured.

In order to smash the passing car, he even ran into it sideways with his own car.

But if it wasn't for himself, why would he have to bump into it by himself?

The more I thought about Su Yankai, the more he blamed himself, and he lowered his head and felt a little sad. At the same time, I was even more moved.

Had it not been for Shen Yuan, he would have been injured this time.

It wasn't until this moment that Su Yankai understood that he had always been so important in Shen Yuan's heart.

Su Meng was scared to death when she received the call. Even though Shen Yu'an had already said that there was no major problem, she was still in a hurry.

Er Bao gave it to the aunt, and Su Meng went to the hospital just like that.

As soon as I entered, I saw Shen Yuan's suit still stained with dark blood. The blood on the neck was not even cleaned up.

Su Meng looked at her eyes and reddened her eyes: "Are you okay?"

Shen Yuan almost blurted out the phrase "very good", and when he saw Su Yankai's self-blaming expression next to him, he put it back.

"The doctor said there is no big problem." Shen Yuan blinked at Su Meng.

Su Meng was stunned for a moment, and then his hanging heart was let go.

Shen Yu'an's head was covered with a thick layer of gauze, which looked extremely scary.

"What the hell is going on?" Su Meng asked.

Shen Yuan originally wanted to help Su Yankai speak, but this time he still didn't speak, he heard Su Meng say coldly: "Shut up, Kaikai said."

Su Yankai raised his head at this time, and saw that the child's slapped face and facial features were all wrinkled together, looking very pitiful.

His face was full of self-blame and regret, and his eyes were red. Shen Yuan was worried whether Su Yankai's tears would fall like this in the next second.

"I..." Su Yankai choked, and soon lowered his head, as if embarrassed to be seen by the adult with tears in his eyes.

Su Yankai was also shocked this time, Shen Yu felt relieved and patted Su Meng lightly.

Su Meng took a deep breath, and this time slowed down and asked Su Yankai: "Kaikai, nothing is wrong, you can tell your mother slowly, what is going on?"

Su Yankai nodded, sniffed, and his voice was a little irritating: "I... I think I am very good on skateboarding today, so I want to go out and slip on the road outside. This way, the place can be spacious. , You can have more fun. I know this is wrong, but I still did it. Sorry mom."

Su Meng was already soft-hearted, but still didn't say anything, just said: "Go on."

Su Yankai's eyes were red, and he quickly raised his eyes to look at the two of them, and then lowered his head again.

"Then I accidentally slipped and fell. As a result, a car drove towards me."

Even though Su Meng, who already knew what happened, when she heard Su Yankai say that, she couldn't help but raised her heart.

Fortunately, it was Shen Yu'an today, otherwise she would not dare to imagine what would happen.