Chapter: 692

Su Meng even forgot what expression she should use!

As long as the invitation letter for the Huaguo 2019 Grandma Baiyu Costume Award is sent, the award will be clearly written on it, and then look at Su Meng's award, it is the first prize!

The first time Su Meng was so excited, Shen Yuan upstairs heard the movement and followed it down.

"what's happenin?"

Shen Yu'an hadn't finished speaking yet, Su Meng rushed over and hugged Shen Yu'an tightly: "I did it! Shen Yu'an, I did it!"

Shen Yu'an was taken aback for a moment, then quickly understood, and hugged Su Meng equally forcefully.

"That's natural, my cuteness is the best!"

Su Meng was so excited that even her eyes were red.

Mother Shen also laughed: "Congratulations to Mengmeng!"

The two hugged for a long time before Su Meng was a little shy and separated from Shen Yu'an.

The man’s deep eyes were full of smiles, and he asked softly: "A week from the award ceremony?"

Su Meng nodded: "I have to lose weight during this period."

Shen Yuan was stunned for a moment: "What's the reduction?"

Su Meng said: "You have to be thinner, otherwise it won't look good in a dress."

"But Mengmeng, you are so thin, so what else are you losing?" Shen Yuan was dissatisfied, "If you don't lose weight, I will ask a designer to make a dress for you. It will definitely not look fat."

Su Meng smiled, and was coaxed happy by Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan didn't take it as a joke, so the next day he invited a famous designer to design a dress for Su Meng.

Although Su Meng knew how to match herself, she was still very moved.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the awards, and Shen Yuan was also invited.

Su Meng wore a purple dress. After giving birth, her figure was not out of shape at all, but it was still plump and plump compared to before.

Her hair curled into big waves, and she wore the pink diamond ring that Shen Yuan gave her in her left hand.

Standing on the side, a frown and a smile are very moving.

Shen Yu'an was heart-stricken when she saw her, and her Adam's apple rolled.

"Does it look good?" Su Mengzhen held back and asked.

Shen Yuan stepped forward and kissed Su Meng gently at the corner of his mouth: "It looks good."

Su Meng blushed, and gently pushed Shen Yu'an.

The car slowly stopped in front of the red carpet, Shen Yuan took the lead to get out of the car, and then led the Su Meng model out.

The sound of "哢嚓" was constantly sounding around, and the flashing lights continued. Shen Yu'an Rumo's eyes were full of tenderness, staring at Su Meng with expressions of expression.

The two of them walked onto the red carpet in this way, in countless flashing lights, and in countless congratulations. The appearance of a talented woman immediately became the focus of the venue.

After getting off the red carpet, Su Meng still couldn't hold back a sigh of relief.

Shen Yu'an took Su Meng to the seat and sat down, and she couldn't bear to kiss the corner of Su Meng's mouth: "Don't be nervous, I will be here with you."

Su Meng blushed and nodded.

A man's kiss always has a sense of peace of mind. No matter how nervous Su Meng is, as long as Shen Yuan kisses her gently, Su Meng can completely relax.

The camera now came in front of the two of them, and the two loving appearances also appeared on the screen. Shen Yuan waved his hand frankly, and Su Meng also smiled.

There was a cheer from the venue.

Looking at the fans and viewers in front of the live broadcast, they almost passed their backs with excitement.

What did they see! !

It's a kiss!

Guan Ming Zhengda's kiss in front of everyone!

This pair is really too sweet!

The photos taken by Su Meng and Shen Yuan on the red carpet were also quickly posted on the Internet, and they also aroused public opinion for a while.

"It's not affectionate?"

"There is a rift in the relationship?"

"Such a sweet love? I'm sour."

"It's so sour!"

"Bless them to go to the earth!"


The award ceremony began soon.

Before the award of the best designer, Su Mengzhe held back another glance at Shen Yu'an.

Shen Yu'an didn't even move forward to kiss Su Meng again this time. The makeup that he just put on must be done beautifully.

"I've been with you all the time. It's nothing." Shen Yu'an said softly.

Su Meng stared into his eyes, nodded lightly, took a deep breath, and gradually calmed down.

As the host yelled out the word "Su Meng", all the lights gathered on Su Meng's body.

Su Meng got up slowly in Shen Yuan's expectation, her eyes flushed, and reluctantly let go of the man's hand.

Shen Yuan always sat in his seat, watching Su Meng slowly get up and walk towards the podium step by step.

The trophy was handed to Su Meng's hands, but Su Meng still couldn't hold back his red eyes.

"Thank you." Su Meng choked slightly, but still smiled at the corners of her mouth, "Thank you for your support."

"I am very happy to win the Best Designer award this time. It has been a lot of difficulties along the way. Thank you for your support and love along the way. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Of course, it is my husband who I am most grateful for. He has been silently supporting me behind my back, and he has embraced me unconditionally, along the way, if it is said that the hardest thing is him. It is said that there must be a woman behind a successful man, but behind a successful woman, he cannot do without his support.

I am very grateful that he has been with me, understanding me, supporting me, and trusting me. Thank you! Thank you all too! "

In fact, Su Meng didn't remember what she had said, and inexplicable emotions kept surging in her chest. She was nervous, excited, and even more happy.

So when she stepped off the stage, she quickly ran towards Shen Yu'an.

Shen Yuan stood up this time and opened his arms in the position.

Su Meng threw the trophy into the man's arms, and the camera happened to record this scene. The two embraced tightly in the applause of everyone's blessing.

"Congratulations, my cuteness." Shen Yuan whispered in Su Meng's ear.

Su Meng really couldn't hold back her tears this time, and followed them one by one. Because I felt ashamed, I even kept lying on Shen Yu'an's shoulders and didn't dare to look up.

The camera was still shooting, and Shen Yuan knew that Su Meng was shy, and took the initiative to block it.

Everyone laughed, and everyone looked away tacitly.

Only then did Shen Yu'an sit on the seat holding Su Meng, Su Meng raised her head cautiously, her eyes flushed.

Shen Yuan felt soft-hearted for a while, and couldn't help but ask: "Are we reconciled?"

Su Meng was visibly stunned for a moment, and then she couldn't hold back her smile, her face was covered with a happy and content smile.


Shen Yu'an was agitated, and he didn't care about the award ceremony that was still going on, so he pulled Su Meng out.

When he arrived outside the hall, Shen Yu'an was not even willing to watch Su Meng walk by herself, so the princess hugged him and rushed home all the way.

That day, sharp-eyed netizens discovered that Su Meng and Shen Yu'an were invisible in the second half of the awards ceremony, and there were no people in their positions.

So where did people go?

Netizens also laughed tacitly.

-------End of Novel--------