Chapter 3079
Shen Juncai thought for a while: "I heard that it is very sad and has left Yucheng. She is studying interior design, and it seems that she has come to the Rongcheng branch.

But I just heard about it, I don't know the specific situation! "

Gao Xiaozhen patted her son's arm: "Juncai, you are so stupid! Didn't you tell your mother that Lu Zitian looks cute and sweet, do you like her?

Now is the chance God gave you, why are you so careless! "

If his son married the little princess of the Lu family, what would the Shen family's fortune be in the future?

With regard to this precious daughter, Lu Chenyu will definitely leave all the shares of Lu Group and Xingyue Media to her daughter.

At that time, they just don't do anything, and the dividends alone are enough for several lifetimes.

After thinking of this, Gao Xiaozhen couldn't help laughing happily.

Shen Jinghan heard her words, his eyes flashed, and a cold snort came from his nose, but he just lowered his head to eat and didn't say anything.

Shen Juncai listened to his mother's words and sighed: "Mom, I did like Lu Zitian once, that girl is very beautiful, gentle and well-behaved, it is best to be a wife.

However, Zhao Tong also likes her, and has been chasing her for six or seven years since high school. Anyway, I'm also Zhao Tong's cousin, how can I do something like competing with my cousin for a woman? "

After he finished speaking, before Gao Xiaozhen opened his mouth, Shen Sen said to his son, "Now, what are you thinking about? If Lu Zitian liked Zhao Tong, he would have agreed to his pursuit.

She didn't agree for six or seven years, indicating that she didn't like Zhao Tong at all. She's not Zhao Tong's girlfriend, why would you be robbing a woman from your cousin when you go after her?

Son, at this time, you should show the courage of a man. I believe that my son is very good, and Lu Zitian will definitely like you. "

Gao Xiaozhen also hurriedly said: "Yes, my son is so good, and he is so handsome. He is a talented person, and he is many times stronger than Zhao Tong. Lu Zitian will definitely like you.

Mom supports you! After eating, you hurried to inquire to see if Lu Zitian really joined Rongcheng's branch. "

The encouragement and praise from his parents made Shen Juncai instantly full of confidence: "Okay, after eating, I will ask someone to investigate to see if Lu Zitian really came to Rongcheng.

Dad, Mom, don't worry, within a month, I will definitely catch her and make her your daughter-in-law! "

When speaking, Shen Juncai straightened his hair proudly, and then gave Shen Jinghan a provocative look.

As long as he can catch up with Lu Zitian, with the support of the Lu family, his uncle will not dare to compete with the Lu family no matter how capable he is.

Everything about the Shen family and everything about the Lu family's second room will be his!

Looking at the family of three who were daydreaming in front of him, Shen Jinghan's lips twitched, he slowly put down his chopsticks, and looked at Mr. Shen.

"Dad, I'm done, I have something to tell you about my marriage!"

His voice was indifferent, he put his hand in his pocket, and gently held his and Lu Zitian's marriage certificate, the little girl's cute and soft face appeared in his mind again.

An unprecedented sweetness and warmth slowly rose in my heart.

From now on, the little girl will be his little wife, and he will hold her in his hands forever, and no one will try to take her away.


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This time, Tang San's grasp of time, location, and distance was very precise.

He knew very well that even if he possessed the unique skills of the Tang Sect, he also possessed a third-order Xuan Tiangong cultivation. However, the wolf demon is talented and strong, and if he is facing the enemy, he may not be an opponent. Especially since he is young and lacks qi and blood, he will definitely not be able to fight for a long time. If it weren't for the transformation of a human to kill a wolf demon, he might not be able to take action in the face of two third-order wolf demons, and his own life is the most important thing.

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However, once he makes a move, he must hit it.

The wolf demon was in a state of extreme anger at this time, so he didn't realize it until Tang San's palm slapped the side of his eyes. Turning his head sharply, the wolf's mouth went straight to Tang San to bite.

Tang San's other hand grabbed his clothes at this moment, using the convenience of his small size, he pulled the wolf's fur and changed his direction. The position that was almost close to the third-order wolf demon's chest was flipped to the other side of the wolf demon.

The index finger and middle finger of the right hand were combined into sword fingers, and Xuanyu's hand urged, causing the two fingers to flash with a pure white jade color, piercing the eyes of the wolf demon who was turning back like lightning. 818 Novels

puff! The slender fingers were almost instantly engulfed in warmth. In terms of physical strength, Tang San was definitely far inferior to this third-order wolf monster, but he was hit to the core, and with the same level of energy, there was no luck anymore. .

Under the injection of Xuan Yu's hand, Xuan Tian Gong was almost spun into the wolf demon's brain. So that the other eye of the wolf demon also burst open in an instant, and the brain has been twisted into a mess. The roar came to an abrupt end as if the neck was stuck, and the strong body also fell to the ground.

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Tang San kicked his toes on him, turning over and landing in a far place.

This blow can have such a result, or the rich combat experience in the previous life helped him. The child's thin body and the dark night are the best cover. In addition, the third-order wolf demon is in a rage, and the perception is weakened.

In a head-to-head confrontation, Tang San's mysterious jade hand might not be able to break through the thick skin of the wolf demon. However, the eyes are the most vulnerable places. If the eyes are pierced and injected with Xuantian energy, the dead can no longer die.

Both feet landed, and the third-order wolf demon on the other side had also stopped moving. Tang San breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't rush to check the human, but quickly lay on the ground, pressing his ears to the ground, listening to the surrounding movement to see if there were any chasing soldiers.

With his current strength, it is difficult to face the third-order wolf demon head-on. No matter how good his skills are, his young body is too weak. Once hit by a wolf demon, it is likely to be fatal. In the seemingly simple attack just now, he actually went all out to raise his spiritual will to the highest level.

There was no other movement around. Obviously, there were only two third-order wolf monsters who were chasing and killing those who could transform into humans. This also made Tang San heave a sigh of relief, otherwise, he would have to choose to escape.

Only then did he walk towards the human being, while remaining vigilant.

When he came to the man, he immediately found that the hair that had grown on the man had disappeared. Tang San's heartbeat couldn't help but increase a bit.

Given his childhood situation, and the fact that he was not related to the man who turned into a human, the safest way to do this was to wait for the wolf demon to leave. But he still chose to take action. One is that the people being hunted down are humans. Another important reason is his just transformation.

In Tang San's original Douluo Continent world, there was a kind of spirit master with a beast spirit, capable of possessing similar abilities. You can also grow and become stronger by cultivating the beast spirit.

If there is a similar ability in this world, for him, if he can learn it, it will naturally be of great benefit to his own strength improvement, and it will be easier to integrate into this world!

--- END ---

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