Married at First Sight

On the day of the blind date, Haitong found herself eloping with a stranger. She had thought that married life would be ordinary and full of mutual respect, but little did she expect her impulsive husband to be as clingy as a piece of taffy. What surprised her the most was that every time she faced a challenge, he effortlessly resolved everything with a single appearance. When she inquired about his knack for such solutions, he always attributed it to good luck. That was until one fateful day when she stumbled upon an interview with the renowned billionaire of Wangcheng, famous for doting on his wife. To her astonishment, she realized that her own husband bore an uncanny resemblance to the billionaire. He, too, lavished his affection on her beyond measure!

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Rated 5 out of 5

I have just found you a couple of days ago. You have the only professional book format I have found amongst several novel series publishers. I especially prefer reading yours with the Chinese names for the characters. However, you are several chapters behind the others in updating. I follow MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT last updated 5 days ago. How often do you normally update? Thanks for superb translation. 🤗🤗🤗