Chapter: 1666


“What a handsome man!”

The person coming down the stairs was none other than Pyo-wol.

When the women saw his face, their faces turned as red as a tomato.

So Gyeoksan’s face twisted..

“That bastard always shows up at a moment like this and ruins the mood.”

So Gyeoksan, who lacked confidence in his own appearance, felt his self-esteem drop as he compared himself to Pyo-wol.


He gritted his teeth, then thought about carving a scar on Pyo-wol’s beautiful face right then and there. 

But he knew best that Pyo-wol wasn’t the type of person who would let that happen, so he had to grit his teeth and endure.

So Gyeoksan approached Pyo-wol.

“Did you come down here to eat? Or is it that you couldn’t sleep because of some noisy people?”

“I couldn’t sleep because of the noise.”

“My kids are a bit noisy, aren’t they? Understand that they’re just getting excited and hyped up for the incoming performance.”

Pyo-wol nodded in agreement.

Just then, the female members of the troupe shouted loudly,

“Leader! You know that guy?”


“Could you please introduce us?”

“You’re friends with such a handsome man? Our leader is such a talented person!”

So Gyeoksan’s face contorted even more at his members’ words.

He shouted,

“Shut up! You guys should hurry up and get back to work!”

“Hiiik! Our leader is angry!”

“Let’s get out of here quick!

“Let’s go back to work!”

The troupe members quickly left the inn like an ebb tide.

Pyo-wol turned to So Gyeoksan and asked,

“Aren’t you also going to go out?”

“I’m the leader, so I have separate things to do.”

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