Chapter: 2133

The probability of starving or suffocating to death in a dark space without any light, in fear and despair, was really high. 

Not many people, even the most fearless, would easily be able to muster up the courage to venture into such an unknown space.

Indeed, some of the warriors trapped in the Prison of No Return refused to follow the path where the breeze was flowing in. They decided to stay in the cave and wait for the fire to go out.

Pyo-wol didn’t force them to follow him.

The choice was theirs to make.

And Pyo-wol’s choice was venturing through the path where there was wind.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he squeezed his body into the cramped space.

The one who helped him then was Gwiya.

Gwiya was a child who had lived in a filthy swamp. Its senses were extremely sharp and developed, enough to move freely in the swamp where it couldn’t even see an inch ahead.

Its senses were even better than Pyo-wol’s.

So, Gwiya moved ahead of Pyo-wol, leading the way and finding the path to survival. 

The first one to follow Pyo-wol was So Gyeoksan.

He knew better than anyone else what Pyo-wol was capable of, so he didn’t hesitate to follow him.

Hong Yushin and Yu Suhwan followed behind. Then, a dozen or so men followed suit. There were those who remained, but more chose to take the risk and ventured out.

The cave was dreadfully narrow.

The path was so narrow that their shoulders were tightly squeezed against the walls. Furthermore, the path would twist and turn like an ant tunnel.

Sometimes, a narrow gap, barely big enough to fit an arm through, blocked the way.

Pyo-wol concentrated all his energy into his hands to tear off pieces of stone or carve out the rocks. 

The space was so tight he couldn’t swing his hands widely. He could only rely on the power of his grip and his internal energy.

Doing so required a high degree of concentration, qi manipulation, and hand sensitivity.


The narrow space, barely enough for a wrist to fit in, collapsed, revealing a much larger space. Then, they would take a brief respite before advancing again.

The pitch-black underground space was inhabited by insects of unknown origin. Those who followed Pyo-wol ate them to satisfy their hunger.

All they had to do was follow Pyo-wol, but since Pyo-wol had to lead and make the way, his energy consumption was several times more. Despite this, he didn’t complain once and silently pioneered the way.

Sometimes they would climb endlessly upwards, and at other times, they would head towards the seemingly endless underground.

Occasionally, they would come across a space large enough for everyone to gather and rest, and other times, they would encounter an unbelievably vast underground lake.

In the underground lake lived strange fish with no eyes.

They caught the fish to satisfy their hunger.

The lake’s existence meant that water was coming in from the outside. Pyo-wol chose to ascend against the flow of the water.

Everyone else followed behind him.