Chapter: 2135

He sensed turbulent times ahead.

The existence of a facility like the Prison of No Return was enough evidence that the chaotic era had begun.

Those imprisoned in the Prison of No Return were all promising talents coveted by their respective factions. The fact that those sects couldn’t contain and assimilate such individuals, and had imprisoned them instead in the Prison of No Return, was enough to cause a stir in the world.

Having such things happening in a place not known to the public was a serious problem, and there was no guarantee that such facilities or inhuman acts were only taking place here.

Surely, such inhuman acts must be taking place all over the world.

In such a chaotic world, it was not uncommon to have someone you could follow just by looking at their back.

Yu Suhwan thought Pyo-wol was such a person.

That was why there was no hesitation in his decision since Pyo-wol had already saved his life.

As soon as Yu Suhwan spoke, the other men followed suit, cupping their fists one by one, 

“I,  Ji Yeonpyeong of the Xingwu clan.1 swear to faithfully serve Master Pyo in the future.”

“I, Nam Sugon of the Golden Wing Sect,2 also swear to follow Master Pyo. No matter how thorny the path Master Pyo takes, I will gladly follow it.” 

“I, Buk Sinhu of the Guarded Sword Sect,…”3

“I, Mak Woo-sung of the Anran Sect, swears…”4

The men’s voices echoed down the river stream, piercing through the rain.

Pyo-wol looked at the men with a light frown on his forehead.

He didn’t help them because he wanted their loyalty.

It was then.


So Gyeoksan put his hand on Pyo-wol’s shoulder and spoke,

“Congratulations. All the outcasts of Jianghu have sworn their allegiance to you. I, too, will keep my promise.”

* * *

The Hwa-young Guest House was a very old inn.

The building was old and the elderly couple who owned it were not really enthusiastic about running the inn. As a result,  the number of customers gradually dwindled, and the inn was barely staying afloat.

There were days when they didn’t have a single guest. Yet, the elderly couple did not panic.

They had worked hard in their younger years and amassed a considerable amount of money, allowing them to live comfortably in their old age.

The only reason they kept the inn open was not because they needed the money, but because they couldn’t bear to leave and abandon the place filled with their youthful sweat and effort. 

The old man looked at the pouring rain out the window and mumbled, 

“No customers again today. Who can blame them? What madman would venture through this rain?”

The old man thought of closing up shop early. 

It was then.