Chapter 1795
The Huo Group.

Why did they send data over at this time?

Is it true that the entire army who took the accounting certification exam this time has been wiped out? After all, no one should have encountered this kind of practical data.

"This question you are talking about? No, we will only give this data if the students who submitted the application are for Huo's internship. I don't know about the others, and no one here dares to mention going there for an internship, Shan Shan. Classmate Shan, why don't you change it?"

The teacher finally persuaded.

However, how could he know that Shen Shanshan's goal was originally to go to the Huo family, so he came to test this certificate?

Shen Shanshan returned to the apartment in despair.

In the apartment, Huo Yin didn't go to school this day. His projects in the building have reached a critical moment these days. With his IQ, it doesn't matter if he doesn't take classes in the school.

So he took a few days off.

Suddenly seeing his little aunt coming home, he raised his head on the coffee table in the living room, very surprised.

"Little aunt, why are you back?"


In such an instant, the frustrated girl in the exam room almost blurted out after seeing the boy, asking him if his daddy didn't like her? guard against her?

Then I don't want her to go to the Huo family.

However, she finally endured it, and then returned to her room to cry silently.

It wasn't until evening when her younger brother Shen Tianhao was about to come back. After hearing that she had come back, she shouted outside that she was hungry, and then she came out of the room.

"Huh? Sister, what's wrong with your eyes? Why are you so swollen?"

"It's none of your business!"

Shen Shanshan dodged the younger brother in a panic and went directly to the kitchen.

Shen Tianhao: "..."

looked sideways

The young man who was looking at their sister and brother on the side of the coffee table shrugged and went into his room.

When the food was ready and Shen Shanshan brought it out, her mood had completely calmed down.

"Yinyin, Tianhao, it's time to eat."


Both young boys put down their work and came to the table.

Braised pork ribs, tomato and egg soup, and a carefully fried steak were all prepared for Huo Yin.


Shen Shanshan brought all the dishes, and after helping them serve the food, he greeted them to eat.

Shen Tianhao was used to being served by his elder sister. After the meal was brought to him, he immediately picked up his chopsticks and ate it.

Only Huo Yin didn't start to move chopsticks until the little aunt also sat down.

"Sister, how was your exam? When are you going to get the certificate?"

While he was eating, Shen Tianhao suddenly remembered that his sister took the exam today, so he opened his mouth and asked.

Hearing this, Huo Yin's eyes also looked over.

Shen Shanshan's complexion turned pale again after a short recovery.

"Well, wait for the notice." She casually said.

"Wait for the notice? When is that? Haven't you decided to go to Yinyin's company for an internship next month? Will that delay it? We will have a holiday next month. Once the holiday is over, you have to come again. go to school."

Unexpectedly, this worry-free brother is still there to ask.

Shen Shanshan finally got a little impatient, put down the chopsticks, and she also questioned: "Then when are you going to go back to see mom? You're over for the fraternity competition, why don't you go back?"

"I... I'll be back in two days."

Shen Tianhao hesitated and finally did not dare to speak.


Meal, eat like chewing wax.

the next day.

Shen Shanshan got up, sat on the bed and took a deep breath, she got up and opened the door.

"Little aunt?"

A little surprised, Huo Yin actually stood at her door early in the morning.

Shen Shanshan was stunned.

"Morning, Yinyin, are you hungry? Then I'll cook breakfast for you." She thought that he was hungry, so she planned to prepare breakfast for him immediately.

However, the young man who came to her door early in the morning shook his head.

"There were too many things to do last night, so I don't have time to ask you, did something go wrong with your exam? Didn't you pass?"


For several seconds, Shen Shanshan stood there sluggish.

In her chest, the grievances that had been held back all night, like a tide surged up, she almost couldn't hold it back.

In fact, she thought about it for a whole night last night, and she analyzed for herself, why did this happen? Even trying to convince herself that maybe she just happened to meet.

But in the end, the ironclad facts dashed her hopes.

Huo's is not another company, the probability of recruiting interns from the school is almost impossible, so she should be the first.

Well, that data is for her.

She is a college student, how could she be so complicated?

Shen Shanshan finally lowered her eyes, pretending that her eyes were still a little awake just after getting up, and rubbed it hard, rubbing the acid inside.

"No, there is no result yet."

"Well, the result is out. Let me know. If you haven't, you don't have to worry. After the holiday, you can go directly with me. It doesn't matter if you have a certificate or not."


During this time, the young man put his hands in his trouser pockets at will, and stood in front of her and said something unusual.

The voice fell, and Shen Shanshan raised her head sharply.

Is he going to take her there directly?


For a long time, her throat was blocked and she couldn't make a sound.

However, in the bottom of her heart, those things that had just sunk to the bottom of the valley seemed to be brought up all at once, so turbulent that she could no longer hold back the tears this time.

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