Chapter: 3862

He was afraid that if he didn't tell her, Yaya would make a sudden move. Although Yaya's move could easily solve the troubles in front of her, she was a trump card, and she had to use it at the critical moment, so as not to fall into a deep sleep after she made the move.

Yaya held a bowl-sized pear spirit fruit in both hands, nodded obediently while biting, and said with confusion: "Yaya don't move!"

Lu Ye got up slowly, pulled out the Panshan knife from his waist, and quietly looked at the cloud of insects approaching in front of him.

Suddenly he remembered that the Zerg and the Blood Race had jointly issued a reward to him. The stars on the Blood Race's side could recognize him.

In the next moment, the spirit boat crashed into the worm cloud. Feeling it from a close distance, the zergs really did not reach the stars, and many of them were at the level of the divine sea, and even the real lake.

Under such an extremely fast and violent impact, a hole in the insect cloud was immediately torn open, and an unknown number of insect races were wiped out in this instant.

Like cutting tofu with a knife, Xingzhou slammed into the worm cloud recklessly, causing countless deaths and injuries to the zerg wherever it passed.

Lu Ye's vision became dark, and there were Zerg figures in all directions. Those Zerg who had not reached the stars bravely used their flesh and blood as barriers to block the Xingzhou's progress, but the effect was negligible.

If there were only these Zergs at the level of Shenhai True Lake, it would not be difficult for Xing Zhou to rush out, but in this cloud of insects there were not only Zergs at the level of Shenhai True Lake, but also some Zergs at the Star Realm.

How to distinguish whether a Zerg has the strength of stars is a clear thing. Zerg, unless some people are very talented, can't give birth to wisdom without stars, just like those Zergs that Lu Ye met in Kyushu. They only acted according to their instincts, and from the appearance point of view, they were insects of various shapes that had been magnified countless times.

Another example is the Zerg that Lu Ye killed in the Absolute Beginning Realm, all of them were juniors who the Zerg powerhouse placed high hopes on. Each of them was gifted with extraordinary talents, and their spiritual wisdom was opened at the level of Shenhai. Their future achievements are limitless. Lu Ye killed almost the entire army.

Zergs are different when they arrive at XingXiu. Not only are their intelligences activated, they become cunning and vicious, and even their forms have changed dramatically. Many of the Zergs have turned into human forms, and some of them will retain the characteristics of the Zergs. Many even have the characteristics of the Zergs. No, from the outside, it is no different from the human race.

Therefore, in this insect cloud, all the humanoid forms are basically the Zerg of the Stars.

There are a lot of them, more than 30 of them. Compared with ordinary Zergs, these Zergs are undoubtedly more difficult to deal with. When Xingzhou crashed into the insect cloud, these Zergs attacked Xingzhou from all directions. attack.

Star boats are generally only used to travel in the starry sky. Low-grade star boats don’t even have formations. Lu Ye spent a full 300,000 spirit jade to buy this starboat, but it has protective magic circles and magic formations. A burst of defensive power, but not strong.

How can such a protective circle hold dozens of stars together? It will be broken in an instant.

Seeing this, Li Shang quickly closed the magic circle, lest it was really broken, and it would be very troublesome to repair it at that time.

Without the protection of the magic circle, those Xingxiu Zerg were like cats smelling a fishy smell, and immediately culled and killed Lu Ye.

The spiritual power surged, and the blade was like a waterfall. All the attacking Zerg stars felt that under the bloom of the blade light, a bloody mouth suddenly opened, revealing ferocious fangs, and devoured towards themselves.

Fangs bared!

This is the saber technique inherited from Qingli. It is strange to say that Qingli's saber is agile, but this move is extremely fierce, which coincides with the concept of Ba Daoshu.

When the light of the knife flashed past, the few Zerg constellations rushing to the front didn't even have time to react, and they turned into broken corpses and disintegrated.

It even included an extremely powerful Zerg in the late stage of Constellation!

The rest of the Zerg race stars were all horrified, they didn't expect such an outrageous thing to happen, and they instinctively wanted to run back, but the fierce sword had already enveloped them, and the tide ebbed and flowed continuously.

After a while, Xingzhou rushed out of the range wrapped by the worm cloud. Compared with when he first saw it, the size of the worm cloud shrunk by more than half. More than a dozen Zergs died.

Chongyun didn't dare to pursue, mainly because they couldn't catch up. They just got the news to intercept here, and their speed was far behind Xingzhou.

In front of the Zerg Cloud, the surviving Zerg Constellation looked at the streamer transformed by the star boat, all of them were horrified. Such a long-planned interception battle ended with the defeat of the Zerg, and this was just a face-to-face collision. As a result, the Zerg Xingxiu had no doubts that if the other party did not leave in a hurry, they were fully capable of killing them all.

"Is there such a star in the indeterminate galaxy?" A Zerg with a sharp-mouthed monkey-cheeked appearance said in a deep voice. There is a pair of transparent wings behind him, and it is unknown what kind of Zerg he is.

"Who knows? But where is he going to do as a star?" Some Zerg looked puzzled.

If it is really an uncertain star, there is no reason to go in that direction, it is far away from the direction of uncertainty.

"No matter who he is, he's dead." A Zerg with six compound eyes on his forehead snorted coldly. Although their interception was not good, there were even more powerful interceptions behind them.

Just now, the strength of the human Xingxiu was really great, but he didn't think that the other party could pass that level, and if they lost here, there must be the Zerg Yueyao rushing here.

On the star boat, Li Shang continued to steer the star boat forward, looking at Lu Ye's back in shock, because she found that Lu Ye's strength seemed to be much stronger than when he set off from Vientiane Sea.

She has used the secret soul technique on Lu Ye several times. She can intuitively feel how strong Lu Ye is. She thought that the previous Lu Ye was already strong enough, but she never thought that it is not the limit, and there is still room for improvement. .

During this period of time, I haven't seen Lu Ye practice too much. How did he improve so much?

At this moment, Lu Ye was sitting cross-legged, with the Panshan Knife out of its sheath and placed horizontally on his lap, he raised his hand and gently brushed the blade, feeling the sharpness of the blade.

Li Shang feels right, he has become much stronger again, but this kind of strength is not the improvement of his own background.

Since the departure of Wanxianghai, he has not spent much time in cultivation, even if his background has improved, it is not much, and he is now in the late stage of Xingxiu, and there is a limit to further improvement.

The reason why it has become stronger than before is mainly due to the change of Panshan Dao.

It can also be said that the great changes brought about by external forces.