Chapter: 4371

Lu Ye casually picked up Yaya and scratched her little nose: "Where did you come back from this madness again?"

Yaya pouted and said, "I just woke up!" She reached out and grabbed Lu Ye's clothes, climbed on his shoulders and sat down, pointing her fat little fingers in the direction of the business district: "Let's go play!"

"Let's go!" Lu Ye responded, resisting Yaya and rushing out.

It's better to be Yaya, innocent and innocent, just play and don't have to worry about anything.

But having said that, Lu Ye has not been busy with other things these days, but he does have time to spend with Yaya. The relationship between "father and daughter" is much deeper than before.

After all, Lao Tang was still a well-informed person, and after a few more days, he finally found out the exact information.

Fangcun Mountain is from the west!

When he heard the news, Lu Ye's mood was a bit complicated, he was disappointed but also a little relieved, and he couldn't explain it...

Now that Fangcun Mountain has entered the Vientiane Galaxy, it will reach the Vientiane Sea area in ten days, so the Spirit Talisman Conference will officially start in ten days.

Countless monks are looking forward to it.

Some people even headed towards Fangcun Mountain, wanting to see what the legendary Fangcun Mountain looked like. After all, it was rumored that Fangcun Mountain was a treasure in the starry sky, but for some unknown reason it was divided into three parts and became what it is today in Southeast. In the third part of the West, I heard that the incident at Fangcun Mountain seemed to have something to do with the Vampire Clan. This also directly caused the small humans to regard the Vampire Clan as the enemy of the race!

Ten days later, Dapan Island was full of people. At this time, the situation was much more lively than when Three Realms Island was opened. There were hundreds of thousands of monks gathered here.

Although there were many people, they all gathered outside the island and no one landed on the island.

Because the main character of the Talisman Conference has not arrived yet, and there is not a single small human race on the island, there is no point in the monks rushing in now.

All are waiting.

A hill slowly appeared from the end of the field of vision. Looking at it, this hill looked like a small floating land. It was not uncommon to see it placed in the starry sky. Even if a monk encountered it by chance in the starry sky, he would probably never expect it. This is actually the famous Fangcun Mountain!

The speed of the hill was not very fast, almost equivalent to the speed of a starship in the late stage of a constellation. It floated in from the sky above the Wanxiang Sea, and seemed to be in an uninhabited land.

The void shook, and when ripples appeared, a majestic pressure fell from the sky.

Five figures suddenly appeared in the field of vision of many monks!

The world is silent!

Everyone looked at these five figures with awe.

Because these five are the five Rizhao guards in Wanxiang Sea right now.

Yuan Du from the Yiyuan Realm, Gu Xi from the Tianyan Realm, Mu Qing from the Kunyu Realm, Mo Wenli from the Fantasy God Realm, and Chen Xuanba from Gaotian Continent!

On weekdays, these five Rizhao lived in seclusion. It was not easy for even Yueyao to meet them. Take Lao Tang as an example. When he first worshiped Shan Yuandu, he didn't see them at all. Later, when he wanted to worship Shan Muqing, he didn't see them either.

But at this moment, these five people appeared together.

Because the little humans in Fangcun Mountain have such qualifications for them to come forward to receive them, not to mention that Fangcun Mountain itself has a starry sky treasure. Even if it is broken, it is still a fragment of the starry sky treasure. No one knows what kind of power it has. .

Almost at the same time that the five Rizhao guards appeared, the speeding Fangcun Mountain began to slow down slowly and soon stopped.

Lu Ye had spent some time in Fangcun Mountain in the east, and naturally knew that the operation of Fangcun Mountain could be artificially interfered with, but it would not last long, only a month at most.

Therefore, even if the small human tribe uses means to park Fangcun Mountain on the Wanxiang Sea, they will have to leave in one month at most.

Outside Fangcun Mountain, ripples rippled, and several figures emerged one after another.

In terms of power alone, these figures are no worse than the five Rizhaos in the Wanxiang Sea. They are obviously the Rizhaos of the small human race.

Around Dapan Island, countless monks were watching. Some people looked puzzled and asked: "Master, why do the small humans look no different from our human race? Aren't they supposed to be that small?"

Master explained: "Small and big are in comparison. Do you think Fangcun Mountain is small? But for the small humans, this is their world, so they are indeed very small, but outside of Fangcun Mountain, they have The ability to maintain one's body shape at the size of a normal human race."

The disciple suddenly showed a look of understanding.