Chapter: 4747

Lu Ye really didn't notice this. He had played so many games, and every time he just observed his opponent, he never looked up to the sky.

“Last question, what’s in it for me?”

By letting Walnut bet on himself, Lu Ye could ensure that the other party would win, but this was only a benefit that the other party could get. He had worked so hard to fight, and of course he would not be happy if all the benefits were taken by others.

Walnut had obviously expected this, and gave the answer without thinking: "Thirty-seven points, all my winning bets will be divided into thirty-seven points with you."

"Asura Seal cannot be traded, how can you share it with me?" Lu Ye asked.

"Although the Shura Seal cannot be traded, I can go to the Shura Treasure House to exchange resources for you."

Lu Ye understood that this was indeed a solution!

Then he asked again: "Me seven?"

"I'm seven!"

In the cave, Lu Ye blinked and replied: "At least five to five, otherwise forget it."

I thought that the other party would bargain for a while, but I didn't expect Walnut to agree quickly: "Okay, then it'll be 50-50!"

This made Lu Ye a little unsure: "How can I ensure that you will be willing to share the bet with me after you win?" If Walnut cheated, he could only stare blankly.

"If you are free, fellow Taoist, can you come to the Treasure House Square? Let's just sign a Shura contract. As long as the contract is there, no one can go back on it."

Lu Ye naturally agreed, or in other words, he had originally planned to sign a Shura contract with the other party first. The binding nature of this thing in the Shura field was equivalent to the heavenly contract of Kyushu in the early years.

After a while, Lu Ye saw Walnut again in the main square of the treasure house.

She had drawn up the Shura contract. Lu Ye picked it up and checked it out. After confirming that there were no problems and all the terms were as they had discussed before, he quickly made his mark.

Walnut also did the same thing. Under the two marks, the Shura Contract disappeared out of thin air. At the same time, Lu Ye clearly felt an inexplicable power pouring into his body.

But the next moment, the talent tree in his body started to move. He looked startled and quickly looked inside himself.

As he watched with his mind, he saw that the talent tree was burning, but at this moment, there was a golden chain-like foreign object outside the talent tree, like a long snake coiled on the talent tree.

As the fire burned, the long snake-like chain shook endlessly.

A large gray fog rose.

This scene surprised Lu Ye because nothing like this had ever happened before.

He thought for a moment and realized that the long snake-like chain should be the mysterious power of the Shura Contract. Strictly speaking, the Shura Contract is an extension of the power of the Shura Field. Even if it is insignificant, it is the power of a treasure.

At this moment, the talent tree is burning it like it is dealing with an external force that invades its own body!

The talent tree can actually resist the power of the treasure? Although the progress of the incineration is very slow, it can be seen from the symptoms of the rising gray fog that the chain is indeed being incinerated.

If this continues, the chain will be burned out sooner or later.

Once the chain is burned, the Shura contract will no longer have any binding force on him.

This was undoubtedly an unexpected discovery, and Lu Ye couldn't help but wonder, is the talent tree also a treasure in the starry sky?

He had thought about this before, but because all the treasures in the starry sky he came into contact with had wonderful powers, which were different from the performance of the talent tree, he ruled out this judgment. The performance of the talent tree was more like a inheritance.

But the accident now made him have such thoughts again.

Because as far as he knew, only the Supreme Treasure could resist the power of the Supreme Treasure.

Maybe the talent tree is really the treasure of the starry sky, but this treasure is a little different from what he knows. It may be a treasure that can continue to transform as the monk's cultivation grows!

He couldn't stop the talent tree from burning the chain. Even if it could, he wouldn't do it because he wanted to know if the talent tree could burn the chain.

If he could, then in this Shura field, any form of Shura contract would not be binding on him.

The contract that Walnut signed with him is indeed not harmful to him, but there is no guarantee that he will encounter someone who is harmful in the future. The talent tree has such an ability, which will undoubtedly give him one more trump card here.