Chapter: 6062

The three of them didn't dare to move at all. They all used their Dao power frantically to maintain the stability of the formation.

The thrill lasted only for a moment. Fortunately, after a breath, the chaotic formation stabilized again.

Lu Ye didn't even have the strength to speak, he just gave Ning Gu and Junior Sister Shuang a fierce wink.

As he took another step forward, Ning Gu and Junior Sister Shuang finally stepped onto the highest point! The condition of the two of them was getting worse and worse. Lu Ye's heart was in his throat and he was ready to rush to the door at any time. If Ning Gu and the two couldn't hold on, he would have no choice but to fight for his life. It's death, just look at your own destiny.

Blood overflowed from the corners of the three people's mouths. Ning Gu raised his eyes to look at Lu Ye with great difficulty, and his spiritual thoughts surged: "Charge!"

Lu Ye didn't hesitate anymore and headed straight towards the door.

Ning Gu and Junior Sister Shuang followed closely behind.

The three figures disappeared one after another.

The moment he rushed out of the door, Lu Ye vomited blood and ran away into the distance without looking back.

Soon he noticed the auras of Ning Gu and Junior Sister Shuang, and the two of them headed in the opposite direction of his escape.

Everyone's thoughts are the same, and no one wants to take action at this time.

Although Lu Ye was alone and the two of them joined forces, in terms of injuries, the two of them were much more serious than Lu Ye. After all, when Lu Ye escaped from the trap, they endured extremely terrifying pressure.

This kind of separation can be regarded as a tacit understanding.

While fleeing, Lu Ye checked himself and smiled bitterly.

At this time, except for the bones in his body, everything else was in a mess, especially the internal organs, which were almost completely broken.

I need to cultivate myself again. The hateful thing is that until now, he doesn't know whether the two traps are man-made or natural. Judging from the treasure hidden in the first trap, it seems to be man-made, but after all, it is the inside of the starry sky wonder. , and it seems to be natural.

I really can't figure it out.

However, this time he offended Ning Gu. If there is a chance to meet again in the future, this guy will definitely not let it go.

The loss of a clone is considered serious under any circumstances, not to mention that Ning Gu's strength is now damaged, which will have a huge impact on his subsequent fight for the Son of Xingyuan.

This feud has become serious.

I need to find a companion. Others go in pairs wherever they go. Although it is convenient for him to be alone, the rules of competition are there after all. He can't jump away no matter what. In this case, it is naturally better to find a companion as soon as possible.