Chapter: 6215

Is it not there yet, or is there a deviation in the direction?

If it simply hasn't arrived yet, that's no problem. You just need to wait a little longer. But if there is a deviation in the direction, then you will be in big trouble!

A slight deviation can lead to huge errors in the end.

Lu Ye frowned. Now that he has advanced to the Rong Dao, with more than 280 levels of strength, he already has enough strength to protect his own starry sky, so he feels like returning home for a while.

But if you can't find the way back to the stars, what can you do no matter how high your cultivation level is?

Lu Ye wanted to go out and investigate on his own, but even with the help of talent tree clones, he only had two people at his disposal.

In this environment, the Precious Blood Clone will not be of much use. It is obviously impossible to gain anything by just relying on two people to investigate aimlessly.

More manpower is needed to spread out in all directions to investigate.

Gradually, Lu Ye had a plan in mind, and he dodged and rushed into Banli.

The place where he appeared was still near Boundless City. He raised his eyes and looked into the depths of the void.

This Banlan is undoubtedly a treasure land. I will definitely need a lot of Taoist bones for my future practice. It is too slow to accumulate it through hard work alone, so the two insect-blood clans in Banlan are the best choice.

There are a large number of monks from the Insect Blood Race and the Second Tribe here. As long as they are controlled properly, there will be an inexhaustible supply of Taoist bones here, but the premise is that they cannot exhaust their efforts. With his current strength, the entire Banlan is unstoppable. If he is willing, can he lead the human race and the giant race to destroy the two insect-blood races? It may take some means and time, but there should be no problem in achieving this result. .

But he didn't have this idea, and he wasn't even prepared to get involved in the war inside Banhua even if it was not necessary.

Nowadays, the alliance between the human race and the giant race can basically maintain a balanced state against the two insect-blood races. It has been like this for tens of thousands of years, so it is better to continue to maintain this balance.

In this way, the rookies of the human race and the giant race have a battlefield to hone themselves. As long as they are strong enough, they will eventually grow up.

The two insect-blood tribes will also continuously give birth to new blood.

Really destroying the two insect-blood tribes will not eliminate the disputes. The human race and the giant race will definitely fight. Even if the giant race is eliminated, there will still be fighting within the human race.

The nature of living beings is to be competitive.

Moreover, Lu Ye also has an idea that needs to be implemented with the help of the current situation of Meilan, but that is the follow-up. What he needs to do now is to return to his own starry sky first.

He came to Boundless City and found Chen Gushan and He Linglong. He had a detailed discussion with them, and his plan gradually became clear.

Half a day later, the heads of Huang Yansun's big family on Thursday received a summons from Chen Gushan and rushed over one after another.

In a guest hall, greeting each other, the four masters felt that Lu Ye seemed to be different from before, and they vaguely guessed that his strength should have improved a lot in the past few years.

After all, Lu Ye had observed several of their Dao Wen Pavilions before, so he should have gained something.

"I don't know why my friends called me here?" Huang Ai asked.

Lu Ye glanced at the four people and said calmly: "Don't you guys always want to know what secrets are hidden deep in the ruins?"

The words were plain, but they stirred up waves in Huang Ai's heart.

Yan Zhixing, the only one who knew about it, raised his eyebrows and wondered to himself, was Lu Ye planning to be honest? If so, it means that Lu Ye is willing to open the way to leave the beautiful place.

No matter what, this is a good thing for him, because he can take advantage of this opportunity to leave Banbi and pursue the legendary realm of Hedao.

Although they were excited, the heads of the houses were all calm-tempered people, so naturally they would not act too eagerly. Huang Ai said: "Indeed, all we know now is that the test in the ruins has failed. There are only two main halls inside the ruins. There is also a destroyed statue of Nine Infants in the main hall deep inside. Apart from that, there are only two remaining It’s a mysterious passage, I don’t know where it leads.”