Chapter: 1278

Yes, the true legacy of the Demon Lord.

The special features of the Demon King character card are "Black Full Moon" and "Exclusive Character Card Rewards". Among them, the black full moon has already appeared and is hidden in the character card. Although he cannot touch the full moon, he still knows extraordinary things.

What about character card exclusive rewards?

Zhang Yuanqing once speculated that something that makes Taiyi sect master so important may appear in exclusive rewards time after time.

In the previous spiritual realm settlements, the props given by the exclusive rewards of character cards were all props in the normal sense, and to the boss, they were probably no different from garbage.

Until this dial appeared.

It is different from other props, just look at the willful item attributes.

As my level increased and I became a saint, the real legacy of the Demon King finally appeared. The stronger I become, the more dangerous I become. Zhang Yuanqing sighed.

He returned to the park calmly, bypassed his colleagues with joyful faces, found his own ghost corpse Xue Qiangwei, and put his hand on her shoulder.

Ten seconds later, water-like ripples appeared in the surrounding scenery, and the whole world was blurred.

Seeing the little guys in the organization disappearing into the dungeon one after another, the elders of the Five Elements Alliance finally let go of the big stone in their hearts.

The killing instance of the Transcendent Realm is over.

Next, as long as you focus on the battle of the saints, it will take two days for the killing instance of the saints to end.

At present, only two saints have died, one from the official and one from the evil organization.

The other saints have a solid foundation, and their props and combat power are all top-notch, and they are not as easy to die as the walkers in the Transcendent Realm.

The elder of the Red Fire Gang smiled and said:

"The imprint on Yuanshi Tianzun's forehead is a crescent moon. Look, he is indeed not the descendant of the demon king."

Elder Dog said lightly:

"After passing the Tiger Talisman test, he has been cleared of suspicion."

The female marshal cast her eyes on Elder Dog, her voice was clear and sexy, and quite majestic:

"After the killing dungeon is over, let Mr. Fu condescend and come to the capital to meet me, this trash."

Elder Dog: "Understood."

He silently mourned for Fu Qingyang and Yuanshi Tianzun for a few seconds at the same time.

Especially the latter, he will not only bear the iron fist of his immediate superior, but also probably the iron fist of the elder of Hundred Flowers Society.

Oh yes, he still has to bear his own iron fist first, but Elder Dog remembered that he had clearly warned Yuanshi Tianzun that the Chu family extermination case was a secret within a secret and should not be disclosed.

Zhang Yuanqing, who didn't know that countless iron fists were waiting for him, saw the surrounding environment clearly again, whitewashed walls, double bed, wool carpet, and large desk.

He returned to the single room in Fujiawan Villa, surrounded by Blood Rose.

"It seems like a lifetime away"

Zhang Yuanqing sighed softly.

The Yin Corpse Blood Rose was affected by the curse and toxin, and was temporarily unable to move. The battle was over, so Zhang Yuanqing was not in a hurry to purify it with the crouching pestle.

He strode out of the room, came to the living room, asked the bunny girl who cleaned the living room, and said:

"Has the centurion come out yet?"

He encountered unimaginable danger in the killing dungeon, and it is expected that Fu Qingyang is also likely to be targeted.

Therefore, I urgently want to know Fu Qingyang's safety.

"No." The bunny girl looked at Zhang Yuanqing fixedly, her pretty face flushed slightly, and said softly:

"Mr. Yuanshi Tianzun, have you been promoted to a saint? What a big change."

The strange nobility of Ye Youshen and the ethereal and mysterious combination of star officials interweave an unspeakable charm. In addition, his appearance is not bad, and he is extremely attractive to young women.

Didn't come out? Has the killing dungeon of Saint Realm been so long? The higher the level, the lower the demand for food. It is normal to hope that the centurion can pass the killing dungeon smoothly. Zhang Yuanqing, who is very skilled, said immediately:

"Prepare a car for me, address: No. 291 Xinmen Road, Tianchen Apartment, Room 302 on the third floor."

He wanted to solve Guan Ya's desire to reproduce.

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