Chapter: 3192

Chen Shu was silent for a moment, and said, "I'll think about it after you finish the business deal!"

"Thinking about what?" Fu Xue asked dissatisfied.

"This kind of business that is sure to make money without losing money needs to be considered? Chen Shu, you have changed. You are no longer the decisive harvester."

"I'm too lazy to tell you! I haven't decided whether to go to Xinjun to meet that person." Chen Shu hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

"The great King of Magic Eyes, the guardian of justice and axioms, please tell me which god will be sent by Master Bing to go to New Testament County."

In Desenhe Park, Zhang Yuanqing was holding a mobile phone to send a message to the King of Magic Eyes.

Demon Eye Heavenly King said, "I'm jealous of the god general, the spirit realm ID is so unfair."

Information about the jealous general appeared on Zhang Yuanqing's mobile phone. This general is extremely jealous. He is jealous of all existences that are better than himself. Anyone with shining points is regarded as a thorn in his side.

What he likes most is to hang out with a group of losers, and then gain a great sense of superiority from the losers.

He kills erratically because you can't tell who he's jealous of.

The degree of bloodthirsty is average, the degree of lust is average, the notoriety is not as good as the lustful gods of the Eight Great Generals, and it is not as good as the violent and bloodthirsty generals.

The only thing Zhang Yuanqing can think of about the deeds of the jealous God General is that he once had a cat next door because it was of nobler blood and cuter than his own, and he was jealous. Lost and snatched away.

As for the personality, as one of the eight great generals, he is undoubtedly the Mist Lord at the pinnacle of saints.

Zhang Yuanqing replied: "Thank you, Heavenly King! I have killed all these evil professions and acted for the heavens. Who are the members sent by Dark Night Rose to Xinyue County? The real purpose is to assist the evil camp in the battle?"

He wondered if Lingtuo would suspect that I was still alive.

Demon Eye Heavenly King said, "Lingtuo is in the dungeon. Since the death of Yiyuanshi Tianzun, he has entered the spiritual realm and has not returned to reality."

/ This support operation was promoted by the Great Protector of Dark Night Rose, who sent a sixth-level star official. "

The magic eye understood him.

So there is no need to worry about Lingtuo's calculations in a short period of time, well, Yuanshi Tianzun is dead, and the leader of Tongtian and Ju Mang have not had any interaction with Dark Ye Rose, so Lingtuo cannot doubt that Yuanshi Tianzun is not dead.

But if I participated in the hunt for the night rose star official, according to Lingtuo's personality, it is very possible to deduce my identity from the river of fate.

No, it is not possible, it is certain!

Whenever Lingtuo leaves the dungeon, I will be exposed, but fortunately, the Banshenjin dungeon will not come out for a while. When Lingtuo returns to Guanshi, it may be a few months, or even a year.

And if. When he came out, I happened to enter the dungeon again, so the stargazing deduction would not count me.

The spiritual realm can isolate divination and prophecy from stargazing.

While thinking quickly, Zhang Yuanqing boasted about his experience in hunting down corrupt elements and criminals in the Free Federation, and maintained his relationship with the Demon Eye King.

By the way, I inquired about the recent movements and future plans of the King of Fear.

The evil faction in the first region is waiting for a certain opportunity. The evil faction is a family. It is impossible not to know the demigod combat power of the king of fear as the bishop.

But unfortunately, the King of Fear, who loves freedom all his life, did not disclose any information to the King of Magic Eyes.

He was not even in Bishop Bing for a while, and finally, Zhang Yuanqing issued an invitation: "Heavenly King, are you interested in coming to Xinyue County to eradicate evil?"

Although the King of Magic Eyes is level 7, his bewitching eyes can already effectively confuse demigod-level powerhouses. Like Fu Qingyang, he is a master-level figure.