Chapter: 3198

Zhang Yuanqing nodded without changing his face, and said, "I'll leave for a while."

Catherine stared at him: "What are you going to do!?"

Zhang Yuanqing said "heh": "Make some preparations, I don't want to become a lunatic"

After finishing speaking, his dark brown pupils reflected a bizarre dream, and his body disappeared into the private room.

Catherine didn't stop.

An uninhabited house at the junction of Queens and the Isle of Man.

The second starlights were lit up in no particular order, and Tongtian Jiaozhu and Jumang met in the bedroom.

Gou Mang quickly grabbed the perfect human skin and handed it to Master Tongtian: "Go back quickly, I bet there is no bullet in the gun."

Now I can only hope that the so-called "shelter" is not a one-on-one service from God to the favored ones, otherwise even causal props may not be able to hide from God's gaze.

After all, the personality of perfect human skin is not high.

"If you lose the bet, this causal item will be gone." The avatar said regretfully.

If you lose the bet, you will lose a perfect human skin, but if you don't gamble, Hui Chang's plan will be ruined.

Zhang Yuanqing is like talking to himself in the mirror, trying to figure out his own logic: "Catherine said that God cannot come to the world, which means that you will not face God directly. If one-on-one service is excluded, then the causal props are hidden from the sky. Very likely."

The avatar gave a thumbs up: "As expected of the main body, I am the avatar and I am a rookie, or you are awesome!"

After finishing speaking, the avatar was put on the perfect human skin, restored to its original appearance, and then stretched out his hand to wipe his face, and transformed into the leader of Tongtian again, but his core was already completely Zhang Yuanqing, who had endured all the karma of the main body, In this way, he is a living person, not a clone.

"Let's go!" The clone waved his hand, turning into starlight and dissipating.

Fifteen minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing returned to No. 69 Hamburg Street and opened the door of the private room again.

"If there is any pollution, Xie thinks you can stabilize your character and state with the means of your illusionist?"

Catherine sat lazily on the sofa, smiling playfully.

I knew you would think so, smart people like to make up their brains, and they swear by what they have made up.

Zhang Yuan said calmly: "Stop talking nonsense!"

He sat on the armchair opposite Catherine, waiting for the time to come.

Master Tongtian has only joined the Hunter Guild for a short time, so it is impossible to have 100% trust in the organization. In addition, he has a piece of the holy plate on his body. It is reasonable to be on guard when he hears that he will face the protection of a high-ranking powerhouse.

In this state, it is also reasonable to buy yourself some time to prepare for defense.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Catherine felt more and more that she had hit on the mind of Master Tongtian, so she smiled,

Yingying got up, and took out a piece of canvas, a pitch-black bowl that was shiny with oil, and a purple glass bottle from the wooden cabinet in the corner.

She unfolded the canvas, pressed the four corners with heavy objects, then opened the cork of the glass bottle, and poured the dark green liquid into the pitch-black bowl.

Zhang Yuanqing sat aside, watching curiously.

Catherine stretched out a crystal clear finger, and quickly stirred the dark green liquid in the bowl, using the pen to draw snail-like runes on the canvas.

These runes are distorted and ugly. At first glance, they appear to be disorganized, but when combined, there is an inexplicable harmony, like a whole, a whole that fits together. Like countless mortise and tenon.