Chapter: 3203
"I was a widow at a young age, and Fu Xue would still feel sorry for me and take me to relax."

Guan Ya's information is carried with a gun and a stick.

"Push it." Zhang Yuan said. "Tomorrow, let all the dead team not go out, recharge your energy, especially don't touch women, let the red chicken brother restrain himself recently. The red chicken brother is a vulgar fire master, full of energy. During his stay in New York County, he frequently helped Chinese people living in difficulties Little sister, gradually dissatisfied, rode Ye Yuzhao lion.

Recently, I heard that I started to try to drive Uya.

Guan Ya tentatively replied. "Is there a mission tomorrow?"

"Do not ask!"

Seeing her boyfriend's reply, Yang Ya, who was a scout, understood it, and said good night, ending the information exchange.

Zhang Yuanqing immediately sat cross-legged and held the Baxi mirror, sinking his thoughts into the props, sharing the vision of the leader of Tongtian.

Catherine in private room No. 69 Hamburg Street pushed open a small door inside the private room and entered the master bedroom. She was about to recharge her batteries and sleep well when suddenly the veranda became hot and she heard footsteps coming from the corridor through the thick soundproof door.

Immediately afterwards, the heavy sound-proof door wrapped in brass was pushed open, and the leader of Tongtian Church left and returned...