Chapter: 1976

"Think about it, what have we been studying and pursuing for so long? If you give up at this time, wouldn't it mean that everything you have done before has been wasted? All the efforts, all the money and energy you have put in All time has been wasted!" He opened his hands and became excited as he spoke.

"This is their conspiracy, because once this experiment succeeds, we will have the opportunity to rule the world. Only we, the people of Country Y, have the ability to live forever, which is enough to shock the whole world. Of course, this also includes Hua Chinese, so they don’t want our experiment to succeed at all. Maybe..." After a pause, he rolled his eyes, "Maybe they persuaded you to give up, but you are secretly studying it!"

"Will it?" The queen's heart trembled, and the queen subconsciously asked suspiciously.

"Of course! You know Zhou Xiao..." After a pause, he seemed to have thought of something, "By the way, Zhou Xiao..."

"She's conducting experiments," the Queen replied.

He was startled, and then he seemed to understand something and laughed again, "Yes, she is a helpless person who will naturally fall where there is an advantage. You see, I am not wrong, right? The Chinese are This is unbelievable!”

"However, one thing I must tell you is that she is working on an invisible drug project."

"Invisible medicine?!" This queen had never heard of it, let alone Zhou Xiao mentioning it, and she couldn't help but frowned.

"Yes! And besides her, a secret agency in China is also studying this thing. So you see, the Chinese are really cunning. They are secretly conducting experiments. Maybe they are like us and have been doing it, but we don't That's all you know. Now, you still have to persuade us to give up with righteous words. You must not be fooled by them."

Fred continued, "You have to understand one thing. No matter what, I will always be from China Y. We belong to the same country and our goals are the same. But the Chinese people are different. How can they really do it for your own good?" You want tens of millions, think about it clearly!"

The queen was silent.

Looking at her face, Fred continued, "I can die, and the experiment can fail, but it cannot stop. Her Majesty the Queen, never forget your original intention, even for Country Y, for your great cause, you It shouldn’t and cannot stop.”

"Once the experiment starts, it is difficult to stop it." The Queen said quietly, "Fred, are you really ready?"

She turned her head to look at him, her eyes reserved.

Fred was in an extremely excited state, "I'm ready, I've been ready for a long time! Her Majesty, let's get started! I'm willing to sacrifice myself for this experiment!"

After giving him a deep look, the Queen said nothing. Instead, she turned her wheelchair and slowly slid out of the room.

Looking at her back, Fred laughed even more wildly, and the laughter lingered in the room for a long time.

The queen was far away, then turned back, glanced at the room from a distance, and pursed her lips.

After coming out of the room where Fred was locked up, Rick was already waiting outside.

He stepped forward and held the wheelchair firmly. He didn't say anything, he just pursed his lips and lowered his eyes, pushing the wheelchair quietly.

The Queen didn't speak either, and stayed silent all the way until she entered the elevator.

"His Royal Highness wants to see you." He spoke softly.

The Queen lowered her eyelids to cover the emotions in her eyes, and did not respond, but just sighed longly.

However, Rick understood this sigh and didn't say another word.

Seeing the floors rising one by one, the Queen suddenly said, "Let him come to see me."