Chapter: 1978

"Do you really know that you are wrong?" She raised her eyebrows and lowered her head to look at him, "Raise your head and look into my eyes."

Rose slowly raised his head, and the mother and son looked at each other without speaking to each other.

After giving him a deep look, the queen laughed and said, "Rose, you don't know you are wrong. Your eyes tell me that you are actually unconvinced!"

How could he not understand his own son? It was clear in his eyes that he was still not convinced, but he was soft-spoken in order not to anger her.

However, after being so angry that I almost lost my temper, my mentality was a little different. After talking to the old miracle doctor and Fred, my thoughts changed even more.

"Ross, you have stayed in China for a long time, so your thoughts have been influenced by them. I can understand this, and I won't blame you." She said softly, "But have you ever thought about it? Is it because you were influenced by them, maybe they are also using you?"

Hearing this, Rose looked at her in surprise, "Mom, I am not a three-year-old child, nor an impulsive young man. I have my own judgment."

He said this with great patience. If he hadn't been concerned about his mother's health, his words would have been sharper.

However, how could his mother say such things and treat him as a childish child? Is he so easy to be taken advantage of? Could it be that in her eyes, he was so stupid, so lacking in thinking and judgment?

"I know you are not a three-year-old child, but you are too affectionate and easily blinded by emotions." She sighed quietly, and the queen said softly, "This is also one of the reasons why I have never passed the throne to you. .”


Ross was silent, not expecting his mother to take the initiative to mention this at this time.

For many years, from his youth to his middle age, he had indeed looked forward to it, but later on, he gradually gave up on this idea. Maybe, after his mother had passed a hundred years later, maybe he would take the first step, there was no telling...

However, life in this world is a busy life. Whether or not you should be the supreme king is not that important anymore.

Now that he has a wife and children, and a harmonious family, so what if he remains a prince for the rest of his life.

However, when his mother suddenly brought it up and used this as the reason, he couldn't help but refute, "Mom, have you never been taken advantage of, never made wrong decisions, and never been blinded by emotions in your life?"


His rhetorical question reminded her of what happened many years ago. When she was young, she did make mistakes in decision-making and judgment, and she did make wrong decisions. However, compared with the long decades of her ruling career, that was not the case. The mistake was insignificant, and she gradually took the initiative to forget it.

Now that it was suddenly brought out from the dusty memory, I suddenly felt embarrassed and embarrassed that someone had exposed it.

"Is this your attitude when talking to me?!" she asked in a deep voice.

Rose did not confront her like last time, but immediately admitted her mistake, "I'm sorry, Mother, I was wrong, I shouldn't have said that. I just want to say, maybe, I may really be wrong, but maybe... the wrong thing is not... not me."

This was said tactfully enough. The Queen's expression softened slightly, but she still felt uncomfortable.

"You, you look meek, but you are stubborn enough!" He sighed and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to adjust his breath.

Ross suddenly laughed, "Why don't you? I am your son, so I look like you!"

"Did you know that China is also doing this experiment?" Suddenly, the queen asked quietly.

Ross: "???"

"You don't know, do you?" She opened her eyes and looked at him, the queen had an expected expression on her face.