Chapter: 2044

"Perhaps you can change your mind." After Su Yun finished speaking, she added, "Perhaps you will feel that your original body is the best, and that the one that truly belongs to you is the best?"

"In this world, each of us comes with nothing. Only this body belongs completely to us. If we can throw away our body, will our soul still be our own?" she said quietly.

"Yes!" She sighed, but the Queen did not refute her words.

After a while, when the time was up, the needles were removed. The queen moved a little, but her legs did not move, but she could actually feel her toes moving.

This feeling was enough to excite her. She hadn't felt like this in many years.

"Su Yun, you really gave me a big gift." She raised her head, her eyes filled with tears, "I also have a big gift for you!"

she says.

Then, he turned around and opened a wooden box next to him. There were several bottles lying inside.

"This is... R10?!" Su Yun shouted in surprise.

"Not bad!" She nodded, then picked up the bottle, held it tightly in her hand, as if she was making up her mind, then turned around and poured it into the flowerpot on the side.

"Your Majesty the Queen?!" Su Yun shouted in surprise.

She was so shocked that she never expected that she would do this.

"In the past few months, I haven't slept well. It's not because of you. I'm actually thinking about whether this experiment must continue." She said slowly, "Give up, I'm not willing to do it. Go ahead, you don’t know what you will face.”

"But when I regained feeling in my legs, I made up my mind to stop this experiment here!" She said, "You are right, everyone has his own destiny, come on Go, I shouldn’t have risked the lives of so many people for my own obsession, I’m already very tired, it’s time for me to stop and enjoy life.”

Su Yun opened her mouth wide and couldn't say a word for a long time. In fact, this happened so suddenly and it was so unbelievable to her that she couldn't believe it was true.

"Rose returned to the country to take over my throne. He will walk his own path. It's time for me to go back and complete the next handover." She smiled slightly, her eyebrows widened, "I also You are free, we all have our own path to follow.”

"But, I'm really happy to meet you as my friend!" He stretched out his hand towards her, "Are we friends?"

Looking at her outstretched hand, Su Yun was silent for a long time, then slowly held her hand and nodded, "Of course!"

The moment of obsession is all in the human heart, it becomes easy and difficult.

Freedom is also in the human heart, it doesn't matter how long the sky lasts or how long the earth lasts.

--The End