Chapter 4405
At this time, the An family's mood has reached a low point.

Everyone is very sad and frustrated.

The hardest hit was Ye Chen's third uncle, An Zhaonan.

He couldn't understand why his hair-bearing wife became a member of the gangsters.

At this moment, most of his worldview about family affection and love has collapsed.

His daughter was still immersed in the emotions of her mother's death and couldn't extricate herself. Fortunately, the little aunt An Youyou held her in her arms and comforted her all the time.

An Kaifeng, whose personality is most similar to the old man, clenched his fists tightly and his body was shaking violently.

After being silent for a long time, he opened his mouth and said to everyone: "I just thought about it carefully, tonight should be the first time in the past ten or twenty years that our whole family has assembled so completely outside of our home, except for Zidong. Besides, almost everyone else is here..."

The old man nodded lightly and sighed: "When we even came, we took two planes, just because we were afraid that something would happen to the whole family. This time it was really too careless..."

While weeping, the old lady blamed herself and said, "It's all my fault... I suggested to come and cheer for Nan Nan. After all, she is kind to our family..."

An Chongqiu hurriedly said: "Mom, how can I blame you! Nan Nan is indeed a big favor to our family, and it is only natural for us to come and cheer for her, but we have been too comfortable in these years, and our risk awareness has become more and more important. The weaker it is, since this time I can get away with it, I will think about it from time to time and raise the safety work to the highest level, I believe that similar situations will not happen again in the future.”

The old man took the old lady's hand and said seriously: "Chongqiu is right, I don't blame you for this, but my three sons and I didn't take these things into consideration."

An Kaifeng said at this time: "Dad, Mom, big brother, you didn't understand the point I just said..."

Everyone couldn't help but look at An Kaifeng.

An Kaifeng continued: "We were really paralyzed this time, but this is just one of the points. More importantly, our family has only been paralyzed this time and was seized by the other party for more than ten or twenty years. What does this prove? This proves that the other party did not meet our negligence by chance, on the contrary, it proves that the other party may have been thinking about how to kill us in one step for the past ten or twenty years!"

When all the An family members heard this, their expressions froze.

They all know what An Kaifeng's words mean.

At this time, An Kaifeng said again: "I said something, Zhao Nan, don't take any personal emotions after listening to it. I think that Li Qin marrying into our family is a conspiracy in itself! Moreover, it is a conspiracy against the entire An family. A long, deeply hidden, extremely murderous conspiracy, a huge conspiracy!"

Speaking of this, An Kaifeng paused slightly, and said with a stern expression: "I have a feeling that maybe this incident has something to do with what happened to my sister back then!"

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