Chapter: 5001

The nun said respectfully: "Monks are compassionate and will not do anything to harm others. Please rest assured, donor."

Just as Ye Chen was about to refuse, Lin Wan'er on the side pulled his arm and said softly: "My dear, wait for me here for a while. I'll be back as soon as I go."

Ye Chen advised her: "Don't be so impulsive, be careful of fraud!"

Lin Wan'er smiled slightly and said softly: "It's okay. As long as you are here, no one dares to do anything to me. Just rest assured and wait for me here."

Lin Wan'er didn't know the background of the abbot who was waiting to meet her in the nunnery.

However, her instinct told her that there would be no danger here.

She knew very well that the only people in this world who wanted to catch her were Wu Feiyan and her Po Qinghui. And when she came to southern Yunnan with Ye Chen this time, Wu Feiyan didn't notice anything. From this, it can be inferred that Qingzhao'an Middle School The person who sees him must not be Wu Feiyan's person.

Since he is not Wu Feiyan's person, the probability that the other party is malicious is much smaller.

What's more, Ye Chen is waiting for him at the foot of the mountain. If the other party really knows the details between him and Ye Chen, he will definitely not be able to attack him under Ye Chen's nose.

What interests her the most is that she can't wait to find out the identity of the other party. Since the other party knows her, he must have a certain understanding of her situation. What's even more frightening is that the other party can actually calculate the whereabouts of her and Ye Chen. This is even more remarkable.

After all, she and Ye Chen had only decided on this route an hour or two ago, and there was no way the other party could know it in advance. The only possibility was that the other party had calculated everything and was just waiting here.

Thinking of this, Lin Wan'er became even more eager to know the origins of the person behind this.

Seeing that Lin Wan'er had made up her mind, Ye Chen guessed that she would also want to go up and find out.

If he forcibly followed her, the other party's abbot might give up showing up, and in that case, he would not be able to explore the real reason.

In desperation, Ye Chen had no choice but to nod his head and said to Lin Wan'er: "I'm watching you go up here. The timer starts from the moment you disappear from my sight. I will wait for you for twenty minutes. If you wait for twenty minutes, If you don’t come out, I’ll go up and look for you!”

Seeing Ye Chen relent, Lin Wan'er nodded quickly and said, "Okay! Just twenty minutes!"

Seeing this, the little nun once again put her hands together and bowed to Ye Chen, and said respectfully: "Donor, please wait a moment."

After that, he said to Lin Wan'er respectfully: "Donor, please come with me."

Lin Wan'er nodded, gave Ye Chen a reassuring smile, and whispered in his ear: "Young master, please wait here for a while. I will come back as soon as I leave."

Ye Chen nodded slightly and watched her go up the mountain with the little nun.

Ye Chen watched the two of them walking further and further, watching the two of them step by step up to the top of the mountain, watching the little nun respectfully open the door of the nunnery for Lin Wan'er, and watching Lin Wan'er turn around and wave to him from a distance before stepping in.

At this time, Ye Chen felt somewhat uneasy.

He felt that even if the other party was not a bad person, the other party's accurate prediction of himself and Lin Wan'er also made his back shiver. Ever since he obtained the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, he had never felt so anxious and uneasy. Feeling uneasy.

At this time, Lin Wan'er had already stepped into the gate of Qingzhao'an.

Qingzhao'an is not a big temple, it covers a small area, and there are not many bhikkhunis practicing there. Counting the novices under the age of twenty, there are only more than ten people in total.

Moreover, the incense in Qingzhao'an was not very prosperous. Lin Wan'er came in and never saw any pilgrims burning incense and worshiping Buddha here.

She followed the little nun through the front yard, and all the nuns bowed to her when they saw her, which made Lin Wan'er even more curious.

The little nun led her through the front yard to the main hall at the back.

The main hall is not grand, but it can be seen everywhere that it has been carefully maintained. Although the Buddha statues are old, they are brightly colored and not stained by dust. It can be seen that they are often repaired and cleaned.

In the main hall, an old nun with gray hair was standing in front of the Buddha, carefully adding oil to the several ever-burning lamps in front of the Buddha statue.

The old nun looked to be in her seventies or eighties. She was already old, but her body was very strong. She was holding an oil jug weighing several kilograms, and the lamp oil poured out did not move at all. It was obvious that her hands were particularly steady.

The little nun brought Lin Wan'er in and said respectfully: "Master, I have invited the benefactor here."

The old nun turned around, looked at Lin Wan'er, clasped her hands and said very respectfully: "This poor nun has the temerity to harass the donor. Please don't take offense."

Lin Wan'er also put her hands together in return and said loudly: "Master, there is no need to be so polite. It's just that the little girl went hiking with her boyfriend in the mountains. He is still waiting at the bottom of the mountain, so I ask Master to get straight to the point."

The old nun waved her hand to the little nun, who immediately turned around and left, closing the door of the main hall at the same time.

After she went out, the old nun suddenly sighed and said: "There are all kinds of dangers and obstacles on the road ahead... I would like to boldly ask Miss Lin to give Mr. Ye a good advice and not to let him go any further." !”

Suddenly being called out by the other party, Lin Wan'er was horrified, but she looked at the other party with a calm expression on her face, and said lightly: "Master, Mr. Ye is obsessed with the way forward, I am just a little person who has no power to tie a chicken. Woman, how can you persuade him to move?"

As she said that, Lin Wan'er looked at the old nun, changed the subject, and said seriously: "Unless the master can tell the little girl, what are the dangers ahead?"