Chapter: 5006

Lin Wan'er, who was nervous, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She was afraid that Ye Chen would lose his temper, so she would stick to one goal and never waver no matter what others said.

Now that Ye Chen relented and wanted to go back, she was naturally relieved.

So, like a girl with high emotional intelligence coaxing her immature boyfriend, she held his arm and said with a smile: "Young master, although he has stopped here today, he will not stop here forever. He just came here first this time. Go back and have a good rest. After you are fully prepared, wait for a better time to do it again. Experts often say that this is called a strategic retreat."

Ye Chen inevitably said a little depressed: "A retreat is a retreat. There is no such thing as a strategic retreat."

Lin Wan'er looked at him and asked with a smile: "Young Master must have never climbed Mount Everest and K2, right?"

Ye Chen nodded and said, "I haven't logged in before, how about you?"

Lin Wan'er smiled and said proudly: "The slave family has been there, and more than once."

As she spoke, she eloquently said: "A few decades ago, when mountaineering equipment was still very crude, it was very difficult for people to climb Mount Everest and K2, especially K2. People have tried for more than 50 years and failed to climb it. Countless efforts have turned back somewhere in the middle, but fortunately in the past fifty years, someone has always been able to push the turning position higher until finally successfully reaching the top. "

Lin Wan'er looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile: "Whether Master is still alive or not, based on his cultivation more than three hundred years ago, he should be the strongest among all the Taoists known to Master, right?"

Ye Chen nodded: "As far as I know, Meng Changsheng is first and Wu Feiyan is second."

"That's right." Lin Wan'er, who held Ye Chen's arm, pulled Ye Chen's arm down like a baby, smiled, and said shyly: "Young master, in his heart, he regards the two of them as Everest and K2. Today, Qingzhao'an is the end point of the first summit push. Next time, use this place as the base camp for the summit push, and push forward step by step, and you will eventually succeed."

Ye Chen sighed softly, nodded and said, "That's all we can do."

Lin Wan'er felt relieved when she saw that Ye Chen was finally relieved.

At this moment, she is like a newly married young lady in ancient times. She only has her "husband" in her eyes, and her "husband" is everything to her. If her "husband" is happy, she doesn't feel hard even eating glutinous rice bran. But If the "husband" is unhappy, even the delicacies will make her feel like chewing wax.

She was most afraid that Ye Chen would not know how to retreat. Now it seemed that although Ye Chen was somewhat unwilling to do so, he had at least accepted the teacher's advice.

Although it can be seen that there is still some depression left, these depressions are left to myself to enlighten and comfort.

So, she took Ye Chen's arm and turned around and walked on the way she came.

Ye Chen walked with his head down, and Lin Wan'er beside him was thinking of ways to ease his mood, and asked him expectantly: "Master, do you think the mother of Pucha has grown up and grown more leaves in the past two days?"

Ye Chen said casually: "It should grow bigger. As for the leaves, it shouldn't be a big problem to pick out three or five more buds."

Lin Wan'er said with a smile: "Then after we go back, the slave family will pick off the newly extracted buds, kill the young ones and give them to the young master to have a taste."

Ye Chen asked curiously: "Isn't the process of making Pu'er tea very troublesome? After processing, it needs to be stored and fermented, right?"

Lin Wan'er smiled and said: "Actually, you can drink it after it is cured. It just lacks the fermentation taste, but it also has a fresh and soft flavor. Generally speaking, only freshly picked tea leaves are cured immediately, which is good for freshness and The time requirement is quite demanding, so most people don’t have the opportunity to taste it.”

Ye Chen asked her with a smile: "Don't you value the leaves of the Mother of Pu Tea? Why are you so generous now?"

Lin Wan'er smiled shyly and said softly: "The mother of Pucha has such a strong vitality, it shouldn't be a problem to pick a little. Isn't that what the young master said."