Chapter: 5017

Ye Chen hummed and said, "Let's live in the old house. Prepare two guest rooms. I have a friend with me."

Tang Sihai said respectfully: "Okay! Master, do you have any other instructions?"

Ye Chen said: "No more, that's all."

Tang Sihai said: "Okay, young master, I will wait for you at the old house."

at the same time.

The plane that took off earlier has landed at Yanjing Airport.

As soon as the wheel touched the ground, the false teacher immediately reported to the beautiful middle-aged woman: "Madam, their plane changed direction in the air. According to the information from the air traffic control, they temporarily changed the route. Flying to Yanjing instead."

"Flying to Yanjing?" Madam frowned and murmured, "Why did they suddenly change their route in the air?"

The false teacher quickly asked: "Could it be that we were exposed?"

The lady pondered for a moment and said solemnly: "It should not be exposed. All surveillance on the return journey has been circumvented. No one can trace our route from Qingzhao'an to Yongzhou Airport."

As she said that, she suddenly remembered something and said, "I guess they are going to the Ye family's old house!"

After saying that, she quickly asked: "Is Tang Sihai in Yanjing?"

The fake master said: "I have not contacted Butler Tang recently. Madam, please wait a moment. I will confirm with him right now."

After saying that, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Tang Sihai.

As soon as the phone call came through, Tang Sihai's cautious voice came over. His voice was very low and he asked very respectfully: "Sister Sun, why did you call me suddenly?"

The fake teacher said: "Steward Tang, Madam asked me to ask if you are in Yanjing at the moment."

"My subordinate is here!" Tang Sihai said hurriedly: "I wonder what your orders are, madam?"

The false master said: "Butler Tang, wait a moment."

After saying this, she looked at the middle-aged woman and said, "Madam, Butler Tang is in Yanjing at the moment."

The lady nodded and said: "Okay, let's change the schedule later. We won't go to Jinling today. We will go to Yonghe Palace immediately after getting off the plane, and let Butler Tang meet me at Yonghe Palace in an hour."

The false teacher said too respectfully: "I obey!"

After that, she asked Tang Sihai on the phone: "Did Butler Tang hear it?"

Tang Sihai said with great respect: "I heard this!"

After saying this, Tang Sihai paused slightly and lowered his voice and said: "Sister Sun, could you please tell Madam that the young master is already on his way to Yanjing!"