Chapter: 5710

At the same time, in Putuo Mountain, An Chengqi burst into tears watching the live video of the press conference.

She also didn't expect that the car brand that her mother's family and her husband's family collaborated with would be named after her late husband.

When she saw the red tassel fluttering in the wind, she could no longer hold back her emotions and burst into silent tears.

Sister Sun saw it in her eyes and felt pain in her heart. She hurriedly handed her a tissue and comforted her: "Madam, you should be happy. From my subordinates' point of view, there will be no better cooperation between the An family and the Ye family in the world." With two names that are comparable to Changying, my spirit in heaven will definitely be very gratifying!"

An Chengqi took the tissue, wiped away the tears gently, and said: "Sister Sun, you are right, I can't think of a second name that is more suitable than it, Changying Automobile...I am starting to look forward to it now." One day, cars of this brand will be able to travel around the world and everyone will know the word Changying!”

Sister Sun nodded and said: "Madam, don't worry, this time the An family and the Ye family join forces, and Master Chen is behind it, Changying Automobile will definitely become famous all over the world!"

"Yes!" An Chengqi nodded heavily and said faintly: "I hope that by then, I can go see them openly."

At the press conference, An Kaifeng followed the established procedure and invited Ye Chen's grandfather, Ye Zhongquan, to the stage.

When Ye Zhongquan took the stage, his eyes covered with deep wrinkles were red. After shaking hands with An Kaifeng, he took the microphone and said: "When Changying resolutely returned to China from abroad more than thirty years ago, she once He set great aspirations to devote himself to the development and modernization process of the motherland. Unfortunately, he and his wife, Ms. An Chengqi, died young and were unable to fulfill their lifelong wish. Now that China's new energy industry is rising, our two families hope to be able to use our Working together, we can make a contribution to the development of China's automobile industry that will be remembered by the world."

Ye Zhongquan didn't say too much. After a few words, he put down the microphone and turned around to look at the car brand and logo named after his son, as if time had stopped.

Later, An Kaifeng invited An Qishan to the stage again.

An Qishan stepped forward to the stage, held a microphone, and said to the audience: "I have met countless people in my life, and I have met many top talents and elites from all walks of life, but I have never seen anyone who has a long tassel. This time The establishment of Changying Automobile in cooperation with Ye's Group is also the last battle of our two octogenarians' business careers. In the name of Changying, the two of us are willing to stake all the honors in our lives on this. We also ask all friends who pay attention to Changying Automobile to believe that, The two of us will definitely do our best for this brand!”

The two old men's short and sincere speeches moved countless viewers in front of the screen, and also made the audience look forward to the future development of Changying Motors.

Immediately afterwards, An Kaifeng personally sent the two old people off the stage. When he came back, he said to the audience with full confidence: "Next, I will introduce Changying to the media friends and audience friends through a set of PPT. General condition of the car;”

"First of all, our initial investment is US$40 billion, which I have just introduced. This is the largest single investment in the field of automobile manufacturing;"

“Secondly, our goal is to build a super factory in Jinling with an annual output of at least 350,000 new energy vehicles within one year, and increase the annual output to 700,000 vehicles within two years. With the start of the second phase of the project, Achieve annual production of 1.5 million vehicles within five years;”

The plan to achieve a production capacity of 1.5 million vehicles within five years shocked everyone.

Nowadays, there are very few new energy vehicle companies with an annual output of more than 1.5 million vehicles. Those that can reach this volume have basically accumulated more than ten years of experience and have taken the lead.

It is almost unbelievable for a new brand to achieve a production capacity of 1.5 million vehicles within five years.

But what they don’t know is that this is actually just the goal of Changying Automobile’s Jinling Super Factory, and it is only to cover the domestic market. Once Changying Automobile can launch the first shot in the future, Ye Chenhui and Anjia will immediately invest in a new superfactory in the eastern coastal area. , specifically designed to cover overseas markets.

By then, the annual production target will be three million vehicles.

In fact, when most people heard the plan to produce 1.5 million vehicles per year, they felt that An Kaifeng was a little overconfident. The automobile industry is not about fast-moving consumer goods such as beer and beverages. Since the vast majority of people buy Cars will not be replaced for at least three years, so everyone must carefully consider and make decisions before buying a car. The production capacity base has been set so high. Once the vehicle does not meet market demand and sales slump, the daily losses will be astronomical.

At the beginning, the investment scale of Hengtai Automobile was also very large, and the founder also had great ambitions to become an upstart and leader in new energy vehicles. However, in the end, it was a complete failure.

However, Ye Chen had no doubt in his heart about this goal.

There is no doubt about the capital strength behind Changying Automobile, and He Yuanjiang, a talented person with in-depth research on new energy vehicles, serves as CEO. More importantly, once the AI ​​model is online, it will be a great influence on Changying Automobile’s vehicle software. With great help, An Jia and Ye Chen have strong financial resources. After the model is launched, it will not be a problem to make a penny or even sell it at a loss. They will definitely be able to roll it out as quickly as possible.

What's more, Ye Chen still has so many big enemies overseas, such as Steve Rothschild. If the vehicles produced by Changying Automobile really cannot be sold, he will divide them one by one by then, which will also increase its export volume. Ranked first in the country, this brand will never go downhill.

At this time, An Kaifeng continued: "Once again, we will launch at least five independently developed new energy models in the next five years;"

"In addition, we will also invest in a self-developed and self-produced power battery production line in Jinling in the second phase and achieve self-sufficiency in all power batteries within five years."

This sentence once again caused the whole audience to explode.

Just now An Kaifeng said that within five years we will achieve an annual output of 1.5 million vehicles, and now we need to achieve self-sufficiency in all power batteries within five years. This means that the battery production line's production capacity within five years will also reach 1.5 million units per year. It uses 1.5 million power batteries, which is really impressive.

An Kaifeng added: "Based on the five-year plan I just mentioned, in the next five years, we plan to provide at least 50,000 jobs for Jinling;"

“In addition, I would like to announce our supporting investment. We will add an additional two billion US dollars to carry out in-depth cooperation with major universities and vocational schools in Jinling, including but not limited to investment, donations, training, scholarships, and joint construction of experiments. In the next five years, we plan to provide at least 50% of the positions to students from partner universities;"

The investment in education alone amounted to two billion US dollars, which really shocked the media reporters at the scene and became speechless.

This money is different from investing in a production line. The money from the production line is invested in oneself. According to what An Kaifeng said, investment in education is basically invested in major colleges and universities. With such great courage and effort, Not to mention in Jinling, even if you look across the country, you have almost never seen it.

An Kaifeng also made a surprising statement: "Changying Automobile has settled in Jinling this time. We have regarded our development as one with the development of the city of Jinling. In the future, Changying Automobile will be deeply tied to Jinling in all aspects." , win-win cooperation, and go all out to become bigger and stronger! I also hope that Changying Automobile can break out of China and go global with the city of Jinling in the future!”