Chapter 747

Yuemangong's face was livid.

"Jiang Ming got so many drugs and used the young people of the rivers and lakes as experiments. What is the purpose?"

In fact, we all have the answer in our hearts, but we dare not say it.

Jiang Ming wanted to use drugs to control the whole arena.

Li Ge cried bitterly and begged me for mercy.

"I have said everything I should say, please spare me."

I kicked him in the face, and he rolled on the spot, hitting the wall with an ouch, and tears from the pain.

"Quickly, we can't delay, we must find Jiang Ming's pharmaceutical factory."

Yuemangong grabbed Li Ge and said in a deep voice, "What do you say if I ask you, do you know the address of the pharmaceutical factory?"

"I do." Li Ge screamed, watching me flash his fist, he cried and said, "But, but there is someone who knows, and you also know."

"Who? Don't go in circles with me."


Yuemangong and I looked at each other, "What?!"

"You definitely don't know, why is the big boss behind Jiang Ming, he is the real boss of the Qinglong Gang."

Yue Mangong and I were dumbfounded. I can't believe it. Could it be that Li Ge lied to me?

I asked Li Ge: "How do you know?"

"Of course I know. You forgot what I did. Why is there a huge amount of money in this account? The money is all from abroad. Although it is very clean, I just do finance. Later on. I found out, why the account is the account of the Azure Dragon Gang."

When Li Ge didn't say that, I wouldn't have guessed why bother, but when Li Ge said that, I was all right at once.

Why is it just a teacher, but he hooked up with the gun gang, which is so strange.

Li Ge knelt on the ground, knowing he was finished, he could only beg for mercy.

"I'm telling you all the truth, Zhang Chao, you will save my life. Today, Jiang Ming will ship the first batch of finished products, because the experiment has been successful, he will immediately pull this batch away, if you can't intercept it today After consigning the goods, it will be difficult to intercept them later. Moreover, whether it is the martial arts convention or the patriarch of the Yue family, Jiang Ming...actually, he intends to blow you up directly."

I said to Chu Xiaoxiao, "Xiaoxiao, you are looking at this kid here, and you don't want anyone to approach him. You have already contacted him. I will let Snow Leopard come and take over him."

In fact, I am very worried about Chu Xiaoxiao being here alone, but Yuemangong and I have more important things to do.

Chu Xiaoxiao knew that the situation was urgent, and nodded to me: "Go ahead."

I kissed Chu Xiaoxiao on the forehead. After so long, I didn't see her. I really want to die of her.

"wait me back."

"You must come back safely." Chu Xiaoxiao said with red eyes, "Be careful of this perverted Jiang Ming."

"Don't worry, I promise you that I will come back safely."

Yuemangong and I didn't dare to delay for a second, I immediately called Mengmeng and asked him to position me why.

"Teacher Ho?"

"He is the real boss of the Azure Dragon Gang."

"What? Well, I will transmit his location to your phone immediately."

Soon, Mengmeng gave me the location. I drove, Yuemangong held a mobile phone to navigate, and we drove to an old factory by the dock.

Looking at this factory, my memory suddenly returned to my childhood.

Yueman Bow asked me what happened.

"This, it turned out to be here."

This is the place where my dad started his business. He opened the first refrigeration plant. He didn't expect that this place was still there, and it turned into a pharmaceutical plant.

Yuemangong pushed me with his elbow.


There were a few trucks parked in the middle of the factory, and it was like Li Ge said, these "goods" are going to be taken away tonight.

I first text Xia Gehuai and ask him to bring the police over.

Then I said to Yueman Gong: "You can't let them take things away, we have to stop them."

At this moment, suddenly, two spotlights turned at the same time from a distance and shone on me and Yueman Gong. We both squatted in the grass and were suddenly illuminated.

"Come out, don't hide. I told Jiang Ming just now that you will come. Jiang Ming said that you are trapped in Ningcheng and will not be there tonight. I still know you. You will never attend this kind of occasion. of."

Hearing this voice, the anger in my heart burned like fire.

"Why! You fooled us so badly!"

Why come out of the factory and look at us from a distance. At the same time, from all directions, there are about a dozen sniper rifles pointing at the heads of me and Yuemangong at the same time. Even if we are Da Luo Jinxian, we can’t escape like this. The sky and the earth.

Why should it be like a different person, Jiang Ming followed behind him, like a pious little brother.

"That’s all to blame for your being too smart. Otherwise, I can kill you directly and I don’t have to lie to you. I’m very curious, and they all say that Ji Yanran is smart and unparalleled. She broke my father’s great plan to unify the rivers and lakes. Now Her son unexpectedly came to ruin me again, so I thought of a small way to get close to you and see how sacred you are. Sure enough, you are no worse than your mother."

I gritted my teeth: "My mother's business has something to do with your family?!"

"Of course, that big truck was arranged by me. I made a mistake. It crashed like mud. Alas, I've seen those big families upset, and my dad is the same. It's wrong. My dad is not. A quack, but what about it, can’t it dominate the quack? What quack is just a group of people. As long as it is a human, there are flesh and blood, hatred and weakness, and if there is sex, it will be addicted. Yu is fast, indulge in enjoyment, I only need to give them what they want, they are happy, and I also get the rivers and lakes, is this not good? But your mother and your father are going to stop my dad! They damn, damn!

Yueman bow was furious: "You changed people like that to make them happy?!"

"Yes, they weren't smart at first, but they changed back to beasts. Are you unhappy? Jiang Ming, tell them, are you happy?"

Jiang Ming's hands also trembled, like a drug addiction.

Why bother to smile and say, "Bye bye, Zhang Chao, your mother is very smart and died in the hands of my dad. The body is indistinct and smashed. You are also very smart, and died on me. The hand is just right."

He raised his hand and motioned to the sniper hand.

I closed my eyes, desperate, not expecting to be planted here.

But at this moment, there was a gunshot, and a sniper infrared ray was transferred from my forehead to Why Bi’s head. Then I only heard a gunshot, a bang, and why should most of my head be smashed. .

Jiang Ming was surprised and looked in the direction of the sniper.

Across the night, I also saw the sniper standing up. She was very short, a woman with a cloak.

But a gust of wind blew and opened his cloak, and Jiang Ming and I could see her face clearly.

Old Jiang Ming burst into tears, ran towards the sniper out of control, smiled frantically, and shouted: "Yan Ran, it's you, you are dead, you are really dead, kill me, take me away from this boring one. world."

He ran, with a gunshot, the bullet pierced his forehead, Jiang Ming hit the ground, half of his head was blasted off, but he was smiling.

I don't know what to do. In fact, after investigating for so long, I have already guessed that this is the case, but I didn't expect that one day, my dream would come true.

She forbeared hiding for so many years, maybe it was now.

I saw her looking at the sky and muttering to herself, as if praying, although there were wrinkles on her face, she looked like a girl that day: "My dear, I did it, and took revenge for you."

At the same time, the old head of Qianmen and Chu Mengge's mother both woke up in bed at this time, looking at the dark sky outside as if they had a heart, and smiled.

That was the first time I saw her after I was ten, and the last time I saw her.

A month later, Chu Xiaoxiao and I were married, and Chu Huaien was imprisoned for the crime of embezzling company property.

One year later, our child was born.

But about the secret of my mother, I have always kept it in my heart, and I haven't told anyone.

I think she has experienced all kinds of misfortunes in her life, but she also experienced the luckiest thing-that is, she met my dad, and everything in the world disturbed her. It has nothing to do with her. I should clean up this last thing and keep it. Give it to her and my dad.

That was the greatest gift that fate gave her, and redemption.

# END #

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