Chapter 3576
Who dares to question, kill!

Ye Junlin, Zhen Mosi, Eternal Kingdom.

You are all waiting for this leader.

The next leader will be a nightmare for all of you.

Great Summer North.

A barren place.

The temporary counselor of Shentianjian brought dozens of elites and found this place according to the coordinates of the token.

"Reporting to the agent Tiansi, this area is far and wide uninhabited."

"Could there be an error with the token?"

"Tian Si will not encounter any danger, will he?"

The people who were full of joy at the moment were like eggplants beaten by frost, and they lost their energy.

Tiansi is their spiritual pillar.

It is also the last hope.

In the end, it was Jinghuashuiyue, and Tiansi's whereabouts were still unknown.

very disappointed.

The temporary speaker of Tianshenjian said solemnly: "Tiansi is looking for the legendary world, perhaps this is closely related to it."

No one responded, it was just a legend after all.

They only care about Tiansi's whereabouts now.

"Okay, everyone, don't be discouraged, maybe Tiansi has more important things to do temporarily, and the king will return soon."

Shen Tianjian temporarily spoke to people and only temporarily appeased his subordinates.

He was really worried that everyone would fall apart.


Just then, other contact tools rang.

"Report! The spiritual veins of the Xuanming alien race have been found."

The subordinates reported, with surprise in their tone.

"Quick, inform Ye Junlin, and his coordinates will also be sent."

The temporary speaker of the Tianshen Prison said solemnly.

Tian Si couldn't find it, and now he has to continue to hold Ye Junlin's thigh tightly.

Xuanmingshan Mountains.

Ye Junlin had already arrived for a long time when Tiansi, the superintendent of the gods, arrived at the scene.

After receiving the message, Ye Junlin rushed over without stopping.

He didn't even bring anyone, for fear of affecting his speed.

Looking at the spiritual vein ore that shattered all over the place.

The hearts of everyone sank to the bottom in an instant.

"We're late again."

The Tianshenjian said in a dry voice.

Ye Junlin also looked solemn.

He has done an overall investigation, and the spiritual veins of the Xuanming alien race are far more terrifying than the spiritual veins of the Senluo alien race.

God knows how far that mysterious woman has risen.

In other words, that mysterious woman has now become a terrifying big devil.

"After all, it's a step too late, still in the rhythm of that mysterious woman."

Ye Junlin sighed, he could feel the residual power.

This shows that the mysterious goddess has only finished swallowing soon.

A maximum of two days.

It's just one step away from stopping it.

Even Ye Junlin was not sure that he would be able to defeat the mysterious woman at this time.

The people of Zhen Mo Si were even more heartbroken.

The mysterious woman devoured her success and became an unstoppable demon king.

Even Duguxiao, who was never in their eyes, is now very likely to become the terrifying existence they look up to.

The Xuanming alien race and the Senluo alien race were mainly destroyed by the Zhenmo Division.

The members of the Town Demon Division were really scared.

I am afraid that before Tiansi returns, the entire Zhenmo Division will be destroyed.

"Tian Si must be found as soon as possible."

"If there is no Tian Si in charge, the Zhen Mo Si is in danger!"

"Why don't you run away before Duguxiao takes revenge!"

People's minds are different.

But there is one thing in common.

That is all immersed in worry and fear.

Ye Junlin is also not easy.

The mysterious woman is now beyond his grasp.

It would be great if we could face it head on, at least that way we would know what to do.

Then there is the fact that relatives and friends are completely in crisis.

Now even Dugu Xiao has no one other than himself as his opponent.

Furthermore, the enemy is in the dark and he is in the light. God knows when they will launch a sneak attack?

Fortunately, there is also an underground base, where relatives and friends can hide and avoid risks.

"Everyone should step up their vigilance when they go back, and communicate with each other in time if there is any information!"

Ye Junlin said solemnly.

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