Chapter: 8255

Meng Wuya proposed again.

Ye Junlin waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter, as long as they are not afraid of death, they can come and kill me."

Ye Junlin had already made up his mind, no matter what, he was unwilling to become a tool of the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce.

Furthermore, since the Zijin Chamber of Commerce hires killers who don't pay attention to martial arts, they must fight him with an eye for an eye.

It's just that now is not the best time to do it. Ye Junlin also plans to refine some elixirs for the people around him.

the other side.

Meng Wuya was rejected again and almost ran away on the spot, but he finally endured it.

After all, Ye Junlin's strength is strong, and the existing manpower alone may not be able to take him down. If he fails, he will lose his wife and lose his army.

To be on the safe side, Meng Wuya directly reported the news to Taiyi Chamber of Commerce headquarters.

The president of the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce immediately issued an order to send hundreds of peak powerhouses, even if they were kidnapped, Ye Junlin must be tied up.

However, before the strong Taiyi Chamber of Commerce arrived in Wandao City, Ye Junlin found Wei Shuyang first.

"President Wei, I'm going to Wandao City to destroy the Zijin Chamber of Commerce." Ye Junlin said indifferently.

Wei Shuyang still wanted to persuade him a few words, but Ye Junlin didn't give him a chance at all, and left the Longyang City branch directly.

Ye Junlin led Murong Qingxue's two daughters and Lei Qilin to Xingyue Shenzong in a dragon-shaped cloud boat.

"While I'm away, all of you find a secret place to hide, and come out after I kill the Zijin Chamber of Commerce."

Ye Junlin said so.

This remark immediately stunned the powerhouses of the Xingyue Sect, but everyone knew Ye Junlin's temper very well.

Once a decision is made, it is difficult to change it, so no one dares to persuade him, so he has to follow the order.

With Xingyue Shenzong settled down, Ye Junlin will have no worries.

It's just that in addition to seeking revenge from the Zijin Chamber of Commerce, Ye Junlin also has to find the whereabouts of the Taboo Clan.

In this way, the future is unpredictable, and it will inevitably delay a lot of time in case of encountering difficult problems. If there are any problems in the secular world, he has no time to take care of them.

So Ye Junlin decided to go back to the secular world after much deliberation. He had to settle down the people in the base camp so that he really didn't have any worries.

So three people and one beast drove a cloud boat to the secular world.

the other side.

Inside the base camp.

Junjun is already very powerful now, and other people's strength has also been greatly improved because of practicing Junjun's skills or practicing Ye Junlin's skills.

However, the guardians of the gods and the twelve temples are crowded with people, and the reincarnation of the twelve main gods has been completely awakened because of enough dragon vein power.

In order to avenge Ye Junlin's robbing of the dragon's veins, they chose to assemble and attack the base camp, vowing to completely destroy the base camp.

Inside the base camp.

Jun Jun and the others all had heavy faces, and they were physically and mentally exhausted from the days of high-intensity battles.