Chapter: 8259

For the entire Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, Ye Junlin is a huge treasure and must not fall into the hands of other sects.

So Meng Wuya mobilized all his strength to find Ye Junlin.

the other side.

Junjun and the others spent a full week improving.

After that, Ye Junlin led the people to continue on the cloud boat. During this period, he also equipped the others with speed boots, peerless magic weapons, pills and other equipment.

On the way to Wandao City, Junjun and others seized all the time to practice.

Since these people are coming to Kunlun Ruins for the first time, the aura of heaven and earth here is extremely pure, which is also of great benefit to their improvement.

For this reason, Ye Junlin deliberately slowed down Yunzhou's speed, and what made him feel the most funny was that Junjun and Lei Qilin became good friends.

Don't look at Lei Qilin who never missed the opportunity to show himself before anyone, but he was extremely humble in front of Junjun, which made Ye Junlin quite curious.

After all, once Lei Qilin pretended to be pretending, he didn't even pay attention to him. Although it was a cruel meal in the end, Lei Qilin still never tired of it.

After half a month, Ye Junlin and the others finally came to the vast sea of ​​stars.

"This sea area is too big!"

"It's no smaller than the four oceans in the secular world. I didn't expect the Kunlun Ruins to be such a sea area."

"And this is only the sea area of ​​Wandao City. I'm afraid there are similar places in other places. It's really amazing."

Li Ziran and others were amazed, but Ye Junlin was extremely calm.

"Master, it seems that the Xingchenhai Palace suffered heavy damage last time, otherwise we would have been discovered as soon as we approached."

Gongsun Yueying said with a smile.

Ye Junlin smiled and said, "Not necessarily, we abandoned Yunzhou a long time ago, and we did a very good job of hiding our aura. It's normal for them not to find out."

"By the way, master, I heard that there are several star veins in the sea of ​​stars, which makes the sea of ​​stars proudly grow into a top-level large sect."

"However, due to the vast sea area of ​​Xingchenhai, only two star veins were found in Xingchenhai Palace. If we dig for a long time, we will definitely be able to find other star veins."

Gongsun Yueying said in a deep voice.

Ye Junlin immediately became interested. The star veins are of a higher level than the dragon veins. If you can get them, it will definitely be of great help to your cultivation.

"Do you know the approximate location?" Ye Junlin asked.

Gongsun Yueying carefully recalled it for a long time before slowly saying, "It is recorded in ancient books that there is an area in the southwestern sea of ​​the Sea of ​​Stars called the Sea of ​​Death, where storms gather all the year round, and many passing ships and even cloud boats are involved in it. Can't survive, I think it's very suspicious there."

"It's a bit like the Bermuda Triangle in the secular world!"

Li Ziran muttered in a low voice.

Ye Junlin said in a deep voice, "Then let's go to the sea of ​​death to see the situation first. To be able to whip up a monstrous storm must be driven by huge energy."

Ye Junlin led the crowd to find Yunzhou's hiding place, and then sailed to the sea of ​​death.

The hard work paid off, and indeed, a huge storm was seen rising into the sky in this sea area from a distance.

"Father, I have sensed the power of a powerful spiritual vein, just under that storm." Junjun said suddenly.