Chapter: 8261

The members of the Star-Moon Sect were notified, and all of them were transferred to Wandao City to develop it into a base camp.

It took Ye Junlin nearly half a month to deal with these trivial matters.

But the news that Wandao City changed hands really shocked the sects in the surrounding area.

At the same time, I am afraid that they are still silent about the gangsters, and many of them even take the initiative to make friends with each other, in order to protect the safety of their own sect.

Ye Junlin would not refuse any of these people's overtures.

Ye Junlin now wants to gain momentum, so that other sects will not dare to attack easily, and he can leave to do his own business with peace of mind.

Inside the Taixu Divine Sect.

Ever since the Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall and the Sun Moon Divine Fire Academy were warned by Liao Yelin's two divine arrows, the entire Taixu Divine Sect has become sluggish.

Gong Qianqiu also returned to Taixu Divine Sect from Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall, now the real power of the entire sect is under her control, but she is not happy at all.

The last time she was almost disfigured by the bandits, she used a lot of natural and earthly treasures to restore her original appearance, which made her extremely angry.

But due to the terrifying strength of the gangster, she didn't dare to take revenge, and at the same time, she was worried that the incident of her blaming the gangster would be exposed, so her mood became more irritable.

Fortunately, the Seventh Son found a dragon vein for her from time to time to improve her cultivation, which made her feel a little better.

However, at this moment, the Seventh Son came excitedly and said, "Sister, the suzerain is back, hurry up and greet her."

Gong Qianqiu's heart shuddered, and there was no abnormal expression on his face, so he followed the Seventh Son out of the sect to welcome him.

Soon I saw Liao Yelin wearing a brocade robe descending from the cloud boat, holding a long sword in his hand.

"Meet the suzerain!"

All the powerful Taixu Shenzong fell to their knees one after another, many of them could hardly hide their excitement.

But those who knew the inside story of the sect's destruction, headed by Gong Qianqiu, could only force a smile on their face, obviously worried that Dong Chuang's incident would be implicated.

"Get up!"

Liao Yelin raised his hand, and continued to say, "The gangster destroyed my sect, and I will definitely tear him to pieces."

"Sovereign, with the blessing of a peerless divine weapon in the hands of the gangster, even the Sun Moon Divine Fire Palace was severely damaged by his arrow from thousands of miles away."

"Yes, Sect Master, the Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall is now honest."

"Not only that, but even the Zijin Chamber of Commerce failed. Of course, it was mainly because of the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce's efforts to protect it."

Everyone reported a lot of information in order to let Liao Yelin not take it lightly.

Liao Yelin said with a look of disdain on his face, "Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall and Taiyi Chamber of Commerce are not as scary as you imagined."

"Besides, there is also a magic weapon. This sword is called Ling Xiao, and it was forged by Bingzhi himself. The so-called magic weapon of that gangster is rubbish in front of Ling Xiao."

Liao Yelin seemed to be extremely arrogant, and completely ignored Ye Junlin and the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce.

But everyone also knows that Liao Yelin is not aimless, he himself comes from a transcendent family, so it is not surprising that he has such a vision.

Everyone decided to hold a banquet to celebrate, and Liao Hualin's return was the biggest happy event of Taixu Shenzong during this period.

However, before the banquet started, a rough voice came from outside.