Chapter: 8266

So Ye Junlin left Kunlun Ruins with his family and returned to Daxia.

ten years later.

A resort island in Daxia.

Junjun has grown into a slim girl, and she is teaching two little boys to practice.

"Xiaojian, Xiaoxian, can you be more serious? In this case, I will let Uncle Qinglong teach you."

Junjun said with a straight face.

The two little boys looked similar, about six or seven years old, and it was Li Ziran who gave birth to Ye Junlin's twins, Ye Jianzi and Ye Xianji.

Ye Jianzi and Ye Chenxianji practiced hard and earnestly. They knew that Uncle Qinglong was never lenient in training, far less gentle than his sister.

Ye Junlin gently hugged Li Ziran and looked at the distant scene with a happy smile on his face.

As for the grandma and grandma of the three children, they looked worried.

"Time always flies so fast, the kids are so big in the blink of an eye."

"Boss, I can't beat Xiaofan and Xiaochen now. Uncle's majesty will soon be lost."

"You can't keep it for a long time, have you forgotten that you were rubbed on the ground by Junjun ten years ago?"

The sound of footsteps and ridicule came one after another, and Ye Junlin turned his head to look, and saw five people from Qinglong Suzaku coming side by side.

Followed by Zhou Nanyan and Wen Lei.

"Brother, you promised to introduce me to a young talent, why don't you honor it?"

While talking, Zhou Nanyan handed over the washed fruit, and Ye Junlin unceremoniously picked up an apple and gnawed on it.

"Your vision is too high. Isn't the young lord of Qingxuan Shenzong very good, or is it not in your eyes?"

Ye Junlin rolled his eyes and said.

Li Ziran suggested, "Why don't you come to a martial arts competition to recruit relatives!"

"I agree with what Ziran said." Wen Lei hurriedly booed.

Ye Junlin shrugged and said, "I don't care, as long as you are happy."

Everyone roared with laughter, they looked into the distance, and the sea was calm.

The sky is clear and sunny, and it is a rare good weather!

Ye Junlin lived the life he wanted.

Family, friends, brothers, and apprentices are all by my side.

Feels great.

Such a carefree life should go on forever...

——End of the book