Chapter 1935
I hesitated for a moment, then answered truthfully: "Here, there is something I need, which can greatly improve my strength."

Immortal Emperor Ziwei said: "In the South China Sea in the hot summer of the mortal world, a fairy beast is sleeping. He has been sleeping for hundreds of years. If you want to find the altar of the gods, then go to him."

I became puzzled. What Immortal Emperor Ziwei meant, could it be that he also didn't know the location of the Conferred God Altar? So he asked me to find this fairy beast?

It shouldn't be, Immortal Emperor Ziwei can see everything in the mortal world, and the altar of the gods is in the mortal world, how can he not know the exact location? In addition, even if the Conferred God Altar is not in the mortal world, with his status, it is impossible not to know.

But I didn't ask too much, since he asked me to find this fairy beast, I'll just obey it honestly.

Immortal Emperor Ziwei then reminded: "If you want to go to the altar of Fengshen, I won't stop you, but you can take care of the consequences."

My expression changed slightly, but immediately nodded heavily.

Afterwards, I continued to ask: "Senior, there is one more thing, do you know which gods and Buddhas in the Buddhist world are guarding the world with you?"


Immortal Emperor Ziwei said his name directly.

"Western Amitabha, one of the four Buddhas?"

In my mind, the information of this god and Buddha immediately appeared!

Immortal Emperor Ziwei nodded.

My expression suddenly dignified!

In the Buddhist realm, there are four Buddhas. These four Buddhas correspond to the three-way immortal emperors in the fairy court. According to some scattered memories that Xuanzang and Jin Chanzi gave me at the beginning, I can know that these four Buddhas are considered to be under the Buddha Shakyamuni, the Buddha Dharma. The deepest exists.

And this Western Amitabha Buddha is even more famous in the Buddhist world and even the mortal world!

It can even be said... like thunder!

In the folk, the allusions of Amitabha Buddha are known to everyone. In the Buddhist world, he is also known as the Buddha of Infinite Light.

Jin Chanzi is only a disciple of Tathagata Buddha, and this Buddha Amitabha is considered to be the same generation as Tathagata Buddha.

His realm of strength is indeed not inferior to that of Immortal Emperor Xianting, and even, I estimate that Amitabha's status in the Buddha world should be higher than Immortal Emperor Ziwei's status in Immortal Court.

I was secretly shocked that I had gotten into such gods and Buddhas for no reason...

If I change to a lesser-known god and Buddha, the psychological impact it may bring to me is far less than what it is now.

"If you provoke him, no one can protect you."

At this time, Immortal Emperor Ziwei said something to me indifferently.

I sneered and didn't keep the words of Immortal Emperor Ziwei in my heart. I secretly said, if I was really captured by Amitabha Buddha, Immortal Emperor Ziwei couldn't have done anything. His words are very ** Just to remind me.

Immortal Emperor Ziwei continued: "In the mortal world, although he and I are working together to protect the stability of this lower realm, during the guarding period, we have never seen one, and we have never violated the river, so please don't let me break my precepts. ."

I hurriedly nodded again.

"The lower realm is stable, and the upper realm can be stable. We, the immortal court and the Buddha realm, are the two largest forces in the upper realm, and advocate peaceful coexistence. In addition, the Buddha realm is different from the immortal court. Only one person is fixed."

Immortal Emperor Ziwei said something meaningful to me again.

I was slightly taken aback.

That is to say, since Amitabha became a god, he has been guarding in the mortal world!

This qualification is much higher than Immortal Emperor Ziwei, and at the same time, the meaning of Immortal Emperor Ziwei's words is also very clear... In this lower realm, Amitabha is more terrifying than him.

The degree of familiarity with the mortal world and the degree of use of various powers in the mortal world are all more advanced by this Amitabha.

At this moment, I can only understand the relationship between the two guardians of the world. Compared with Amitabha, Immortal Emperor Ziwei of Xianting is more like an "assistant"!

Although the words are a bit ugly, it is a fact, Amitabha is the real guardian of the world!

"Where is his position?" I quickly asked again.

Because of the underworld, my relationship with Amitabha, and even the Buddha world, is likely to be difficult to make up for it. Therefore, I have to find out the details of this god and Buddha as much as possible.

Immortal Emperor Ziwei shook his head.

He didn't say much.

Seeing this, I couldn't tell if he didn't know the location of Amitabha Buddha or if he didn't want to tell me.

But since Immortal Emperor Ziwei made this move, I don't need to ask Amitabha any more.

I immediately changed the subject and said, "Xiandi, now something has happened in the underworld, do you know what happened in the underworld? And that Fengdu Ghost Emperor, where did he go?"

Since I can't ask for the information of Amitabha Buddha, then I will follow it to inquire about the underworld.

It's hard to come across this level of existence, and it's still in the boat with me, so I naturally want to make more use of it.

Today, among the Immortal Emperor-level characters, Fengdu Ghost Emperor is the only one I can easily establish a relationship with. If I can find him, I will not only be more helpful in the matter of the underworld, but also in the face of other Immortal Emperors. A bottom line.

However, at this moment, Immortal Emperor Ziwei's expression turned down.

He waved his hand directly, and a force hit my body, directly blasting me out of this secret realm...

"You have too many questions! Leave!"

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