Chapter: 2477

These powers were originally weak, and gods didn't look down on them at all, let alone gods, even people from the ancient land couldn't look down on these powers.

But these powers are better than their numbers!

How many gods are there in the sky? Less than a thousand people!

How many ancient practitioners are there? Up to tens of thousands!

But how many people are there in this mortal world? Billions of people!

The power exuded between their breathing, between life and death, and between raising their hands, gathered into a vast ocean!

All these forces are coming towards me!

"So this is the chance that the second immortal said? If this calamity passes, will I be able to resist the sky?"

I muttered to myself.

I see.

I transcend the world of mortals, and I will be blessed by the luck of hundreds of millions of ordinary beings in the world!



My power breath exploded completely!

The divine power in my body expands endlessly!

Xiaocheng's fairyland in the world of mortals... It's done!

As I gained the power of the Hundred Wisps of the Emperor, as I untied the seal of the First Immortal, I also ushered in the first wings of a butterfly after breaking out of the cocoon!

At this moment, I slowly raised my hand, and the area with a radius of tens of miles seemed to be under my control.

Any breath in this area has become my help.

Even, there are constantly distant forces gathering towards this area.

This is my field?

After I became familiar with my own field, I clicked my tongue secretly.

I am a mortal fairy who broke through with the help of the power of the emperor in the world and the breath of the mortal world, and this realm is actually related to the world.


As long as I do it in the mortal world, I can have a steady stream of power.

This, this is too exaggerated.

I look into the distance.

Amitabha, the guardian of the world...

Now, who is the real god in the world?

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