Chapter: 2479

"Thinking about it, Chen Nian, you also have the same wish. Back then, you met Shangguan Jin from the mortal world, along the way, but she died in that fight halfway. I believe that your obsession is no less than mine. "

Shangguan Huayu made a sound.

I nodded and said, "Okay, let's go to the void space now."

Then, Shangguan Huayu opened up a space crack, and I went to the depths of the void with him.

But during this period, I always feel weird.

From the appearance of Shangguan Huayu to the words he said, there seems to be nothing wrong with it, but the strange feeling always lingers in my heart.

Although I am certain that Shangguan Huayu is the person standing on the same boat as me, at this moment, the Shangguan Huayu standing next to me is undoubtedly him, but I still keep an eye on it silently.

Not long after, we came to Shangguan Jin's place again.

A huge halo enveloped Shangguan Jin like the sun, and from time to time, mysterious immortal emperor-level divine power came from it.

Everything was as it was back then, Shangguan Jin was surrounded like a silkworm chrysalis.

I looked at Shangguan Huayu and said: "Use the secret technique of Immortal Emperor Ziwei. If you want me to assist you with strength, just say it. I will do it with all my strength. As long as I can revive Shangguan Jin, I will spare no effort." .”

However, at this time, Shangguan Huayu did not act immediately, but remained silent on the spot.

I frowned.

After a while, he replied to me: "Don't worry, Chen Nian, to revive Shangguan Jin, she also needs her source of supernatural powers, you know, in her state at that time, the source of supernatural powers was everything, only her source of supernatural powers can be regained." After returning, the secret technique of Immortal Emperor Ziwei will take effect."

"But the source of her supernatural power is in the hands of Immortal Emperor Changsheng."

I said something.

"Yes, so we have to wait. I have already called the Immortal Emperor Changsheng, and he will be here soon. My sister can only be resurrected after the source of supernatural powers in his hands returns."

Shangguan Huayu looked at the endless dark distance in the empty space, and said in a deep voice.

"Are you sure that he can return the source of his supernatural power obediently?" I asked.

Shangguan Huayu didn't speak.

I stared at him intently, and asked again: "Shangguan Huayu, do you have something to hide from me?"

When I finished these words, in the empty space, in the dark distance, a light suddenly appeared.

A horrible breath appeared.


But this is not the divine power of the Immortal Emperor!

It's the Buddha power of the immortal emperor level!

Even, this Buddha power, which I am very familiar with, belongs to Amitabha Buddha.

At this moment, I immediately understood what happened, and immediately looked at Shangguan Huayu: "You designed to harm me!? Led me to the void space, and left the world, so Amitabha can do anything to me without any scruples!"