Chapter: 2485

The Immortal Buddha Stick in my hand was still smashing against Amitabha's Buddhist wooden boat, but because he exerted Buddha's power to strengthen the wooden boat, the Immortal Buddha Stick in my hand was indeed gradually exhausted and unable to break the boat.

"Old Ancestor, Chen Nian can't die..."

"Old Ancestor, let's do it!"

"Old Ancestor!"

Outside the Buddhist wooden boat, there is Amitabha who is sure to win, Shangguan Huayu who asked for help, and Immortal Emperor Ziwei who is silent and doesn't know what he is thinking.

But in the Buddhist wooden boat, there is only me with a grim expression!

I grinned wildly.

The Lingxiao fairy Buddha stick was led out by me, and I didn't just want to break the ship.

At this moment, the Lingxiao Immortal Buddha stick is indeed not capable of contending with Amitabha.

After all, only the Xiaojie seal among the three layers of seals was unlocked.

Shipwrecks are next.

And my real purpose is to...

"Amitabha! I thank you for your wooden boat of Buddha power, for helping me to open the seal again with the immortal Buddha stick!"

I shouted loudly, and at the same time, all the power in my body was poured into this pillar that pierced the sky!

In the dark, there are layers of shackles that seal the Lingxiao Immortal Buddha's stick, which will be broken through at the same time induced by internal and external forces!

Internal force is the divine power in my body after I stepped into the fairyland of the world of mortals.

The external force is the Buddha power erupted by Amitabha Buddha.

I want to use these two kinds of power to complete the transformation again for this Lingxiaoxian Buddha stick in my hand!

At this moment, Amitabha noticed something strange, and his expression could no longer keep calm!

He immediately formed the Buddha seal again, intending to use the power of thunder to completely suppress and kill me!

The mighty Buddha power pressed down on my body like Mount Tai, as if it wanted to purify my body, blood, and even my soul.

"Twenty-five small kalpas, four or nine middle kalpas, eighty-one great kalpas, Amitabha, you are these four or nine middle kalpas, but you are also my stepping stone!"

I roar! Suddenly, he inserted the Lingxiao fairy Buddha stick in his hand on the Buddhist wooden boat!

Adhering to the luck of the upper world, this jade-run pillar began to grow infinitely larger, and the aura of power in it was also infinitely magnified!

I put my palms in front of this stick, and my mind became clear.

The small robbery is in the fairy court, and the middle robbery is in the Buddhist gate!

My boiling blood gradually calmed down.


Accompanied by a faint and inaudible sound, it seemed that a steady stream of power entered the Lingxiao fairy Buddha stick.

The moment I hold this stick again with both hands, the heaven and the earth move with me!

"Amitabha! Can you match the power of Lingxiao Immortal Buddha's stick!"

I speak out.

There is a majestic golden light emitting from the whole body!

The Immortal Buddha Stick was waved!

Every time I swing, the Buddha's power is disrupted by me. When I swing seven, seven, forty-nine sticks, Amitabha's Buddha's wooden boat is directly destroyed by me!

Overcoming robbery, destroying ships, and wielding sticks!

Forty-nine streaks of black energy hidden in Lingxiao Xianfo's stick disappeared in smoke!

This is the forty-ninth calamity of sealing the Lingxiao Immortal Buddha Stick!

And what flew into ashes and annihilated together was the supreme Buddha power of Amitabha Buddha in front of me!

Amitabha was backlashed, and he retreated a few steps violently, the shock and puzzlement in his eyes seemed to be real.

"It's done!"

Immortal Emperor Ziwei showed surprise in his eyes, and stared at me blankly.

And I fully grasped the luck stick of the upper realm in my hand, and slammed it at the body of Amitabha Buddha!

In the dark, there are countless powers from the upper realms coming through the space, gathering in the Lingxiaoxian Buddha stick in my hand!

I shouted: "50% of the power of the Immortal Buddha Stick has been activated! With 50% of the power of the Immortal Buddha Stick, I will smash your Buddha's body and holy body!!!"