Chapter: 1500

“Sure, please wait a moment,” the man called back while tending to his stove.

This was the messiest and most chaotic place in Beach City. Many gangsters frequented the place, and the place was always crowded until dawn. People were playing drinking games, clinking their glasses, and cursing endlessly. The atmosphere was wild, lively, and very inviting.

Chase was rather rigid at first, being polite and respectful to Renee. However, after a few beers, he started to relax and open up. “Miss Everheart, let me be frank with you… I’ve been wanting to eat here for many years, but as the main attendant of Carmine Pawnshop, I was hesitant to do so. You’ve helped me fulfil my wish today, and I’m very grateful for that.”

“Heh, you flatter me. Just tell me if you want to eat this kind of food next time. Ignore my

brother; if he dares to scold you, I’ll scold him back on your behalf!” Renee declared.

“Haha! Miss Everheart, you’re so nice. Although you’re my boss’ sister, you’re both so different. He leads a very conservative life, which is really quite pitiful.” Chase took a sip of his beer, staring off into the distance sadly.

When Renee saw Chase let down his guard, she carefully asked, “Chase, I heard from my brother that you were the one who founded his business with him. Both of you came out of that small fishing village and established Carmine Pawnshop together, right?

“No, I was just a lackey. It was all because of my boss’ great wisdom that Carmine

Pawnshop became successful. You don’t know how hard he worked back then. He was even dragged a few dozen metres from a car just to get an item his enemy had! He truly risked his life to establish Carmine Pawnshop bit by bit.”

“I know he’s always been a hard worker. I feel like a worthless piece of trash who muddles through life compared to him…” Renee admitted.

“You can’t say that, Miss Everheart. You come from a totally different background. You’re a rich, young lady that enjoyed luxury and led a worry-free life… but my boss was different. He couldn’t even afford to eat when he was younger, and his foster parents used to abuse him. Only his sister was a bit nice to him, but at last, she also…” Chase stopped, realising he had said too much, then quickly continued, “In short, you can’t blame him for being extreme. He had to suffer his whole life just to survive.”

“I know that he’s suffered, we’re all at the mercy of fate, after all. However, we’ve found each other now, so as his sister, I just hope he can let go of that stress and live a happier life. You see it, don’t you? His hatred has blinded him to everything but revenge, and I’m afraid if he keeps challenging Stefan, something bad might happen one day…”

Renee sighed and leaned her head back to gulp down some more beer.

“Stefan let my brother go this time, but he might not be as generous the next time. Honestly, I’m just wondering if there’s a way for them to let bygones be bygones. It’ll be for the best if they end their rivalry and become friends instead.”

“Are you kidding?” Chase’s eyes were practically bulging out of his head. “My boss holds a deep grudge against Stefan. Not killing each other is already generous, but you want them to become… friends? Even if there was an apocalypse and they were the only two people left on Earth, it wouldn’t happen!”

“I don’t know why Quinton hates Stefan so much, but I think it’s more than just a conflict of interest. There has to be something that I’m unaware of, right?”

Renee asked Chase bluntly, not wanting to beat around the bush any longer. In her opinion, Chase probably knew most of Quinton’s secrets since he knew him the longest.

If Renee wanted to resolve the grudge between Quinton and Stefan, she had to find out what was troubling Quinton.

“Er…” Chase shook his head, then said helplessly, “He won’t let me say.”

“But I’m his sister! We’re bound by blood. I’ll keep it a secret and pretend not to know, I

promise.” Renee nodded eagerly.

“Hah… Miss Everheart, please don’t make things difficult for me. This secret pains him more than the scar on his face, so we should just let it be. There’s no point in reopening old wounds.”

“But this wound will only get worse. How long does he plan to hide it?” Renee argued


“This…” Chase leaned back in his chair, looking around guiltily.