Chapter: 1506

She felt as if she was floating, and exhilaration surged through her veins.

They were kissing fervently and for so long, that soon, an endless stream of coughing

erupted from someone standing nearby.

“Who is it? Who dares to rain on my parade? Can’t you see that we’re kissing?”

Leia snarled furiously as she reluctantly let go of a dazed Xavier. She turned to see a dark figure under the shade of a tree, and instantly, her eyes lit up. She ran over to the figure happily.

“Ah! You… You heartless man! You’re finally back!”

Her eyes became watery as she hugged the man and punched his broad back. “What are you doing back? Don’t you know how much I missed you and worried about you? You’re so heartless…”

“Did you miss me? I don’t think so. You kissed that man until you forgot yourself just now.”

He smiled gently and stroked her head affectionately.

Xavier stood there with a tight frown, and glared at the two people hugging each other. He looked like he was fighting the urge to go over and strangle the unknown man.

“Leia, I just taught you my special skill, but you threw yourself into another man’s arms. You don’t respect your teacher at all.” Xavier pretended to not care as he teased her, but he was actually very jealous.

“Xavier?” After the man saw Xavier, he scowled.

“Liam, did… didn’t you go traveling around the world? Why did you come back all of a

sudden?” After Xavier saw the man’s face, he immediately became dispirited.

Both Liam and Xavier shared similar backgrounds and characters, but one of them was Stefan’s buddy while the other was Renee’s loyal friend. Of course, they had long fallen out with each other.

If Xavier and Liam ever bumped into each other in public, they’d usually be at each other’s throats.

Liam was wearing casual clothes at the moment, and his skin was tanned. He even had a brown cowboy hat on his head, complimenting his carefree look. He narrowed his eyes, sizing Xavier up before he stared at Leia solemnly. “I think you should see an eye specialist, sister dearest. Do you realise that man over there is the infamous playboy of Beach City who’s fooled around with countless women? Even if you can’t marry yourself off, you don’t have to lower your standards this much.”

“No, you don’t understand!” Leia stomped her feet and retorted angrily, “Being a playboy is just a pretence, he’s actually a loyal man! I know we were prejudiced against him earlier because of Ren, but you can’t say that about him now!"

“Tsk! Women are bound to side with their men. How long have you been dating him? Are you both planning to elope?”

“Ugh, you wouldn’t understand. What we have is true love, so you can’t make things difficult for him!” Leia stood before Xavier, fearing that her cunning bro. “True love?” Liam raised his brows with a scornful expression. He looked over Leia’s head and said to Xavier, ”And what do you have to say about this? Are you planning to hide behind my sister’s skirts while she defends you?”

Xavier stated coldly, “I have nothing to say. You’re right-l’m just an infamous playboy in

Beach City. What could I possibly know about love?”

“What did you say?” A dangerous gleam appeared in Liam’s eyes. Although he loved to bully Leia, he adored her very much. He could never bear to see her suffer, and if anyone dared to bully her, he would gladly teach that person a lesson. He would never let men approach Leia easily, which was the reason why Leia had been single for more than twenty years. Hence, he was furious when he heard someone his sister loved say such things. He was controlling his urge to punch Xavier.

“Didn’t I make myself clear? I’m just a playboy who lives in the moment. There’s no true love between us. I’m just fooling around with your sister.” Xavier remarked casually as he stuffed his hands inside his pockets. He smirked at Liam, giving off the aura of a playboy who never gave his heart up to anyone.

“You’re asking for it!” Liam snarled as he lunged forward and punched Xavier’s nose.

“Ah!” Leia screamed and pushed Liam away. “Are you out of your mind?! Why did you punch his nose? Don’t you know that’s my favourite feature of his? What if you ruin it?”

While feeling sorry for Xavier and checking if his nose was okay, she sobbed and

apologized, “I’m sorry, Liam has a bad temper like me. He never thinks before he acts, and only Ren can handle him. Please don’t hold a grudge against him. After all, he’s your future brother-in-law.”

Consequently, both Xavier and Liam were at a loss for words. Leia used a handkerchief to wipe away the blood on Xavier’s face. When she saw that his nose was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank God your nose is okay. Don’t worry, I still love you.”

Liam smacked his forehead with an exasperated groan.

”Woman, can you have some dignity? I thought I was a kiss ass, but you’re worse than me. What’s wrong with this family?"

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