Chapter: 1760

Eloise sighed and said, “By the way, I think you should take your phone back. You have a lot of missed calls. You can either reply to them or not… You can always leave if you don’t want to do this.” After thinking it through, she felt that Renee had to do this willingly. If not, Jovan would dig his eyes out instead of enjoying his sight.

“Sure.” Renee felt that her friends and family might get suspicious if she didn’t speak to them. She had to let them know that she was safe so everything could run smoothly. Eloise returned Renee’s phone to her, and it started beeping the moment she turned it on. Renee’s eyes widened at the amount of missed calls and texts she received. There were missed calls from Margaret, Quinton, and Leia, but the person who had called her the most was… Stefan.

Renee felt her heart skip a beat, and then her phone suddenly started to ring. It was Stefan calling, and after hesitating briefly, she answered the phone.

“Finally! I thought you were dead!” Stefan bellowed through the phone, seething with anger.

Renee winced and put her phone away from her ear. “Why did you call me? Are we that close?”

“No, we’re not close…” Stefan chuckled, then said smugly, "We’re just friends who slept with each other once. You’re right, I shouldn’t be acting like a busybody.”

“Clearly, you have nothing else better to do.” Blushing, Renee snapped, “Tell me why you called, or I’m going to hang up.”

“Wait!” Stefan blurted out, then quickly asked, “Where are you now? Who are you with? Are you safe?”

“How is that any of your business? All you need to know is that I’m safe. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have the time to speak to you on the phone, would I?” Renee tried to speak calmly to eliminate Stefan’s doubts.

“Really?” Stefan was naturally cautious, so he didn’t trust Renee. “No, I won’t believe you… unless you have a video call with me.”

“What? No way! We’re not even friends, so what right do you have to check up on me?”

“I’m not checking up on you, I’m just worried about you.” Stefan sighed, then said urgently,

“Just tell me where you are. Do you need my help?”

“Listen, I’ll tell you one last time-l’m at my old friend’s house. We have a good relationship, and I have a very good life. You don’t have to worry about me. If you have that much time on your hands… you’d better worry about yourself. ” At first, Renee wanted to end the call, but she soon remembered what Adie had said to her the other day.

“What do you mean? Do you know something?” Stefan immediately asked, sensing that something was wrong.

“No, I don’t, but… I can tell you from experience that one’s partner can be the one that hurts them the most. Master Hunt, I heard that you’re a loyal and loving man. You love Miss Seraphina wholeheartedly, but I heard that she might not be the person you think she is. You’d better be careful.” Renee felt that was the best she could do.

If something went wrong with Stefan’s brain surgery, it would be a result of his deliberate ignorance, and he would just reap what he had sown.

“Seraphina?” Frowning, Stefan asked, “When did you meet her?”

“We didn’t meet; this is just a reminder. Just forget what I said if you don’t want to know.” Renee felt like she was getting too involved, so she said indifferently, “Okay, I’m going to have tea with my friend now. Bye.” She quickly ended the call and sighed deeply, feeling ashamed at how she had reacted to him.