Chapter 1500

Marquis Wu shouted angrily, and a large halberd at the level of Xuansheng suddenly threw out in his hand, carrying a mighty force like the sky-shattering waves, and slammed into the ninth Yang Thunder Tribulation that had been crushed down.

Not only Marquis Wu, but the undead old monster and Bai Meisheng five people, they all tried their best to unite, sacrificed their own mysterious holy weapons, and exploded the infinite holy power.

A half-sage, under the power of the scorching sun and golden thunder, all annihilated and turned into powder.

These semi-sages, in the major secluded realms, are considered to be the ranks of the top powerhouses, and now they are as vulnerable as ants under the scorching sun and golden thunder.

At the moment when the six Marquis Wu set up their defenses, the other five saints who were summoned by them all fled to the six of them in embarrassment.

"Come in, let's defend against the attack of this scorching sun and golden thunder together."

The emperor shouted loudly, and the five saints hurriedly came here. The eleven people joined forces, and their power was extremely terrifying.

As for the rest of the Half-Saints, they were all dead, which made the six Marquis Wu feel a pain in their hearts.

The semi-sages, among their respective forces, are the mainstay of the elite warriors, and it is extremely painful to lose one. Now they are all dead at once, which can be said to be a heavy loss.

Boom boom boom!

The scorching sun and golden thunder fell in front of the eleven people, and a terrifying golden thunder burst out, and then a rich golden light shot up into the sky, which actually exploded directly.

An invisible air wave spread from the center of Jiuyoutian, and under the influence of this air wave, the nine great secluded realms trembled violently.

When Jin Lei was completely annihilated, Zhuo Wen, who was proudly standing on the head of the black dragon, poured out a terrifying holy might in his body, and a series of dense crackling sounds came from his body.

If you look closely, Zhuo Wen's aura is growing, and it is a trend that is overwhelming, and it is constantly improving and bursting into the sky.

"The Nine Suns Thunder Tribulation has passed, and Zhuo Wen's cultivation base has been promoted to the Void Profound Sacred Realm."

"However, this son's aura is still growing. I'm afraid it's not just as simple as breaking through to the Void Profound Sacred Realm."


There are countless warriors in the Nine Nether Realm, and their eyes are all projected on Zhuo Wen's side, especially when they feel the breath of continuous improvement, they are all shocked.

"Accumulate a lot! This son got so many holy fortunes before he was sanctified, and later experienced the terrifying sage robbery of the Nine Suns Thunder Tribulation. I am afraid it is impossible to just reach the first Xuankong Xuansheng realm. degree."

Cao Rong's eyes narrowed, showing a hint of joy, even he did not think that Zhuo Wen actually passed on the fate of Ninth Yang to Wuhou and the others.

Seventy or eighty half-sages died in the pit, in exchange for the end of the doom, which was unexpected.

"Second Mystery, Nirvana Saint Realm, break it for me!"

Zhuo Wen let out a loud whistle, and the aura on his body climbed to a higher level, reaching the second Xuanni Xuansheng realm. The holy power in his dantian was much more refined than before.

Even Zhuo Wen also integrated the causal law of Buddhist and Taoist avatars and the magic brake law of Demonic Taoist avatars into the holy power of Dantian.

The seven laws converged in Dantian extremely harmoniously, pushing Zhuo Wen's breath to its peak.

"This son's aura is still rising, can he still advance to the third Profound Sage Realm?"

Everyone was shocked. As soon as they broke through to sanctification, even the three small realms of Jin, although it was impossible to end, was already unprecedentedly difficult.


Sure enough, when everyone was speculating, Zhuo Wen's aura climbed to a new level again, breaking through to the Xuan Xuan Sheng realm in one fell swoop.

After reaching the Profound Sacred Realm, Zhuo Wen's aura finally stopped climbing and completely stabilized.

At this moment, Zhuo Wen showed a hint of surprise. He felt that he was full of powerful power, especially the holy power in his dantian, which was much stronger than the previous Yuan power.

Moreover, the power of the seven laws is even more integrated into the holy power. He has completely achieved the point where he speaks the law, and he can mobilize any of the seven laws in the body at will.

However, at present he is only in the Xuansheng realm, so the combination of the power of the law and the holy power is not particularly intensive. If he is promoted to the heavenly saint, the law will be in line with the holy power, and the power will become very terrifying. .

After Zhuo Wen was completely promoted to the Profound Sacred Realm, the last trace of golden thunder in the Nine Suns Thunder Tribulation completely disappeared.

Under the golden thunder, eleven extremely embarrassed figures were suspended above the Nine Nether Heavens.

These eleven people are the six Marquis Wu and the five saints sent by their respective forces.

The auras of the eleven saints are extremely weak, the mysterious sacred artifacts on their bodies are almost dull, and the surface of their bodies is covered with extremely tragic cracks, as if they will collapse at any time.

The worst among them were the five saints. They basically all lacked arms and legs, and the worst one had both hands and feet crippled.

Looking at the tragic appearance of the eleven saints, everyone gasped. This is the eleven saints. When did so many saints fight together in the Nine Nether Realm, it was never before.

"As expected of a saint, Ninth Yang couldn't kill eleven of them."

Zhuo Wen's eyes narrowed, and he looked at the eleven saints who were extremely embarrassed.

How great the power of the ninth yang is, he has experienced it personally, even if he is a small saint, he would not dare to shake the ninth yang.

Even Xiao Hei, transformed into a huge dragon body of 100,000 zhang, took an extremely large amount of source power to barely block the ninth sun, and it was only temporarily, in order to lure Marquis Wu and the others.

"The saint has almost reached the point of having the same lifespan as the heavens and the earth, and the holy power surpasses all energies, so it is not so easy to kill."

Zhuo Wen nodded slightly and said, "Since Ninth Yang didn't kill them, I will handle the remaining beheading tasks."

Saying that, Zhuo Wen stepped on his feet, like an arrow from the string, and swept toward the eleven saints.

The six Marquis Wu were shocked and angry, and all of them shouted, scolding Zhuo Wen little bastard in their mouths.

Although the six of them are all at the peak of Xuansheng, they also suffered extremely serious injuries, and the five Xuansheng who followed them with a lower cultivation base were injured more seriously and terrifyingly. complete.

"This little bastard, bastard!"

Seeing Zhuo Wen coming straight, Marquis Wu and the others showed fear.

They could all feel the vast and surging aura of a saint on Zhuo Wen's body, and this aura was not the Holy Land of Void Profound Realm, but the Holy Land of Peeping Mystery, which had reached the third profound state.

"This little bastard has broken through the sacred realm, and immediately reached the third mysterious sacred realm, this..."

The six people were all shocked. Zhuo Wen's breakthrough was too fast, and it was a bit terrifying to be promoted to the Profound Sacred Realm all of a sudden.

At this moment, Zhuo Wensheng was mighty and mighty, peeping at the aura of Xuan Shengjing, he rushed out violently, and even the surrounding space was distorted, causing Wuhou and others to change their faces greatly.


However, when Zhuo Wen was about to arrive in front of Wuhou and the others, a terrifying wind swept in and slammed heavily towards Zhuo Wen's face.


Zhuo Wen punched out, the power of the Holy Power and the Holy Body intertwined, with the pressure of the supreme fist, a burst of explosion sounded.

Ding Ding Deng!

Zhuo Wen groaned and stepped back dozens of steps, and then a cyan figure fell in front of Marquis Wu and the others.

"Young old dog?"

Zhuo Wen took a few steps back, his eyes fell on the cyan figure in front of him, and he couldn't help whispering.

This sentence suddenly made Qing Yu'an's face turn a little blue, his eyes were full of murderous intent, and he stared at Zhuo Wen.

"Palace Master Qing, this son is too arrogant, capture him and smash him into tens of thousands of pieces."

The undead old monster hurriedly said to Qingyu'an that this time Zhuo Wen had miserable a few of them. This time, almost all the semi-sages in their major forces died.

Even the other five Profound Sages suffered extremely heavy injuries. If they want to recover, I am afraid they will need huge resources and time.

"Don't worry, the six, this son will surely die. If you have any last words, just tell me, otherwise, there will be no chance in the future."

Qing Yu'an carried his hands behind his back, stood against the wind, fluttering wildly, and the indifferent voice diffused around.

Wuhou, Undead Old Monster, Bai Meisheng, Killing Emperor, Desert and Eternal Night Pluto all fell into silence, staring at Qingyu'an strangely. Some of them didn't quite understand what Qingyu'an said.

Even Zhuo Wen stared at Qingyu'an strangely, and didn't quite understand the meaning of Qingyu'an.

"Palace Master Qing, what do you mean by this? We don't quite understand."

Marquis Wu stood up and stared at Qing Yu'an's back with a frown and smiled.

"Hoho, Brother Wuhou, you will know soon."

Qing Yu'an turned his head and stared at Marquis Wu, with a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth.


As soon as Qingyu'an's voice fell, a sharp black tentacle slammed through behind Qingyu'an, piercing it fiercely, and holy blood spurted out of Marquis Wu's chest. , turned into a rain of blood.

Quiet, the entire Jiuyoutian became extremely silent, and everyone's eyes were staring at the Wuhou who was penetrated by the black tentacles in disbelief.

For a while, everyone didn't react from the current situation at all, and they didn't even expect that a black tentacle would suddenly emerge and penetrate Wuhou's entire body.

Zhuo Wen's eyes narrowed, staring at the tentacles that penetrated Marquis Wu, his face was as cold as a knife, this aura was too familiar to him.

Looking at the end of the tentacle, I saw that the tentacle moved towards the depths of Jiuyoutian, where there was a black shadow like ink, and it was impossible to see the true face of this shadow.

Whoosh whoosh!

At the moment when Marquis Wu was penetrated, black tentacles swept out from the shadow, like black arrows, swept towards the other ten saints who were seriously injured.

"Go away!"

The undead old monster shouted angrily, the law of death lingered around his body, and a large death knife slashed out, severing the tentacles around him, and hurriedly fled.

Killing the emperor used the technique of assassination, merged into the darkness, and planned to leave quietly.

Bai Meisheng is surrounded by hundreds of flowers, and countless petals shoot out like hidden weapons, resisting the countless tentacles.

Eternal Night Hades summoned countless Black Seas to form a defense against the Black Sea; the rest of the desert was filled with demonic energy, like a demon god, breaking through the tentacles' attack.

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