Chapter: 3171

Without even thinking about it, Xiaohe shook her head immediately: "I won't leave now. Leave me alone, just do your own thing well."

Xiao Lingye: "You're just wasting your time staying here."

Xiaohe: "I have studied hard and practiced for so long, what's the matter with taking a break now."

After a while, Qin Zihan and Pei Xiaomo finished shopping, Xiaohe and Xiao Lingye immediately went to the hospital.

Xiao's mother didn't know that Xiaohe's brother and sister-in-law were coming to see her, so when she saw them, she seemed a little embarrassed.

Mother Xiao wanted to sit up, but her body was exhausted.

Xiaohe raised the head of the hospital bed: "Auntie, my elder brother and my sister-in-law are here to play, so let's take a look at Ling Ye and you."

Mother Xiao: "How embarrassing! My son is really lucky to know Xiaohe..."

Pei Xiaomo: "Auntie, don't say that. Ling Ye is also very good, otherwise Xiaohe wouldn't like him."

Mother Xiao: "Hey, I heard that you are very don't despise my son, do you?"

Pei Xiaomo: "Auntie, what we value most is character. Don't worry about Ling Ye and Xiaohe. If they really love each other, no one can separate them."

Mother Xiao: "Thank you...Thank you! My son is the one I worry about the most. I hope you don't look down on him, he has strong self-esteem..."

Qin Zihan looked at the emaciated mother Xiao and said, "Auntie, don't worry, my family and I will not look down on your son."

Xiaohe didn't expect his brother to say this.

She was very moved and couldn't help but secretly held Xiao Lingye's hand.

Qin Zihan stayed in the ward for a while, then walked out.

Xiaohe was a little puzzled, and asked Pei Xiaomo: "Sister-in-law, why did my elder brother go out?"

Pei Xiaomo: "He may have gone to ask about Auntie's condition. Don't you know your eldest brother? His face is cold and his heart is warm."

Xiaohe: "Oh."

Xiaohe asked the doctor in private, and the doctor said that Xiao's mother's cancer had metastasized, and even if Hua Tuo was alive, it would not help.

That's why Xiaohe gave up the idea of ​​taking Xiao's mother abroad for treatment.

Mother Xiao looked at Xiao Lingye: "Son, I am very satisfied, as long as you and Xiaohe live well, I will be satisfied... Take them away and entertain them well... .We cannot let guests stay in the hospital forever..."

Xiao Lingye nodded and looked at Pei Xiaomo: "Sister-in-law, let's go!"

Pei Xiaomo nodded.


On the other side, Master Xiao received a call from the hospital.

The doctor told Mr. Xiao that Xiao Lingye brought Xiaohe's family to the hospital to visit Mrs. Xiao, and congratulated Mr. Xiao on marrying the Fu family.

Master Xiao was very excited when he heard the news.

Now that the Xiao family is going downhill, it would be a great joy to be married to the Fu family at this time!

Let’s see who dares to look at the Xiao family then!

Mr. Xiao hung up the phone and rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, when Master Xiao arrived at the hospital, Qin Zihan and the others had already left the hospital.

Master Xiao came to Mother Xiao's ward and asked, "Did Xiaohe's family come here just now? What are they doing here? Are they here to talk about Ling Ye and Xiaohe's marriage? It's so important, why didn't Ling Ye inform you?" What about me? I have to meet Xiaohe's family!"

Mother Xiao's face was livid: "Don't quarrel with them! Ling Ye has severed ties with you! Don't influence him!"