Chapter: 3079

Qin Zihan: "It can be seen that your whole family is very optimistic."

Pei Xiaomo: "Because our family is not the poorest in our village. When you feel unsatisfactory in life, think about the fact that many people may not live as well as us, and naturally you will feel much better."

Qin Zihan: "Xiao Mo, let's prepare for our wedding together with my mother! After all, it is our own wedding. If you have any ideas, you can tell my mother. We will think about other things after we get married."

Pei Xiaomo nodded: "Okay! In fact, I can take care of the children at home. It's just that the children will leave me when they grow up and go to school. If they don't have their own things to do, it will be very boring."

Qin Zihan: "It's not impossible to decide what to do after the child goes to school."

"I'm afraid I'll lose touch with society."

Qin Zihan: "When you stay with your child at home, you don't need to watch your child 24 hours a day. There are so many nannies at home. You can spare time to study, and after your child goes to school, you won't be out of touch with society."

Pei Xiaomo: "Well, let's talk about it after we get married! Zihan, who do you plan to have as your best man?"

Qin Zihan: "Ziqiu."

Pei Xiaomo: "Do you have any other unmarried friends?"

Qin Zihan: "Isn't Ziqiu a ready-made best man?"

Pei Xiaomo: "Are you only looking for one best man?"

Qin Zihan: "Could it be that you can find many bridesmaids? You seem to have only one friend, Han Xingyun, right?"

Pei Xiaomo: "Yes! She helped me when I was in the most difficult time. I am very grateful to her."

Qin Zihan: "So you want me to find more best men, preferably single ones, and let her choose when the time comes?"

Pei Xiaomo blushed in embarrassment: "It's not for her to choose. This kind of thing depends on the relationship between the two people. I think Xingyun is very good."

"Since she is excellent, there should be many suitors around me. There are not many single people around me. There are very few rich and single people." Qin Zihan added, "Chu Heng also has a girlfriend."

Pei Xiaomo: "Then I picked up the treasure."

Qin Zihan: "Some people say that I have high vision, so I have never been in a relationship before. I think what others say is correct. I am indeed high-sighted, and no one can look down on me."

Pei Xiaomo: "If it was another woman who slept with you in the hotel..."

Qin Zihan: "I can't sleep with any woman. If it was too ugly, I would rather knock myself out than do that kind of thing."

Pei Xiaomo's cheeks were hot: "I'll just take it as you are complimenting me."

Qin Zihan: "Didn't that Liu Yuandong chase you before? Although you are not as beautiful as my two younger sisters, you are not bad."

Pei Xiaomo didn't expect Qin Zihan to be so direct.

Pei Xiaomo was about to follow his words and praise their family's genes.

And Qin Zihan probably realized that he was speaking too directly, so he corrected him: "Everyone is unique. In the eyes of your parents, you must be the most beautiful."

Pei Xiaomo: "Haha! You don't need to comfort me. I can bear it mentally. And I also think your two younger sisters are super beautiful."

"You have different styles. There is no comparison." Qin Zihan changed his way of speaking, "Although appearance is a bit important, it is not the most important. Your character and personality are the important factors that distinguish you from other people. "



The Fu family held a lively party at the hotel.

Big fruit and small fruit become the protagonists of the audience!

Seeing everyone vying to hold the two children, Xiaohe couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth.